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Monday, March 20, 2017

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Eyes On The NBA: The Los Angeles Lakers And Inconsistency

By @TrueBlueLowry21

What is going on with the Los Angeles Lakers?

A once proud franchise who is known to be a championship contender has fallen on hard times the last few years. Unable to attract top free agents and constantly in the lottery for the last few years, this season appears to be no better. Currently, the Lakers are playing for another lottery pick after a promising start to the season.

What's the issue with the Lakers this season? There's really one too many to point out. Overall, they're a young team trying to figure themselves out. They show flashes of brilliance from game to game, but they fall back into bad tendencies. They'll give up and show lack of fight, lack of defense, lack of trust. It's clear what this front office wants to do this season, but the players have to go out and play like they want to be in L.A. It's been said that some players go out and play hard every game, yet the vast majority don't seem to do so.

Brandon Ingram has been a player who has shown that he could be a key figure for this Laker franchise in the future. Ingram all season has played pretty impressively and his confidence has grown each and every game. I know many will point out D'Angelo Russell and he has been nothing short of good aside from a few select games, however Ingram has consistently caught my eye and in my opinion has been the Lakers' best player this season based on growth in his first season. I would have said Lou Williams, however he's no longer with the Lakers so out went that idea.

Hopefully the dark days in Laker land will pass and this storied franchise can turnaround its fortunes. They have to keep their top 3 pick and do what they can to right the ship soon.



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