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Sunday, March 12, 2017

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Eyes on The NFL: The 7 Best Offensive Moves Of Free Agency

By @TrueGodImmortal

The NFL free agency has been interesting to say the least so far. There have been many moves made for multiple teams, with a large number of surprises along the way. Today, we wanted to take a brief look at some of the best offensive moves so far for the Free Agency period. Most of these moves are related to the WR core or TE, as QB, running back and offensive line moves have been mostly slow. Let's examine.

*Martellus Bennett 
(Green Bay Packers)

-This Super Bowl Champion has been very outspoken over the last few months since the Patriots win, and he's not one to bite his tongue. With that being said, he's a solid TE that could provide another option for Aaron Rodgers and help the Packers get back to the Super Bowl again and possibly win one.

*Desean Jackson 
(Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

-Jameis Winston might be onto something here. He has Mike Evans already, who is a 1,000 yards receiver and now he has D-Jax. This could be very big for the Bucs going forward and with the NFC South looking the way it does, might it be the Bucs turn to head back to the Super Bowl promised land with their other added pieces and D-Jax? It's very possible that the Bucs could make a run now.

*Alshon Jeffery 
(Philadelphia Eagles)

-A WR who was seen as a big threat for the Bears is now with the Eagles and Carson Wentz will have a new favorite receiver. He's a solid threat and can end up making the difference for the Eagles going forward to compete. Alshon isn't a top 5 receiver, but I'd make the argument for top 10 and giving Wentz, who is a decent QB, that type of weapon could spell problems for the defense. We shall see.

*Terrelle Pryor 
(Washington Redskins)

-The WR/QB hybrid is heading to the Redskins, after they lose D-Jax. It's an interesting trade off for the Redskins, but one has to wonder how he will fare especially if Cousins remains QB. Will Pryor excel in Washington or will the Redskins suffer and end up with a losing season? I think Pryor will have a good year, around 800 yards receiving, but the Redskins themselves will have a rough season.

*Dwayne Allen 
(New England Patriots)

-The former Indianapolis TE is now going to be the replacement for Bennett so to speak, in a super stacked Patriots offense. It's interesting to see the Patriots secure Allen when they already have Gronk, but it's perfect because they have quite possibly the most depth for a NFL team that I've seen in quite a few seasons now. Time will tell if the Patriots repeat, but Allen can certainly be of assistance with that.

*Brandin Cooks 
(New England Patriots)

-Why are teams still trading or giving pieces to the damn Patriots? Cooks comes over to the Patriots and gets to work with Tom Brady. Brady to Cooks will be a real thing next season and that could be a problem for defenses all over the league. Cooks isn't the best receiver to be traded or sign in this free agency period, but he is a threat and could help the Patriots go back to back.

*Brandon Marshall
(New York Giants)

-After seasons with the Bears and Jets, it looks like Brandon Marsh will have a shot at the playoffs again for real this time. Him playing alongside the rest of those Giants receivers, including OBJ, could be a huge problem for any secondary to handle. This was a big deal for the Giants and could help them work their way to the top of the NFC East.



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