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Friday, March 31, 2017

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Eyes On WWE: Should Asuka Go To Raw or Smackdown

By @TrueGodImmortal 

The time has come for Asuka to lose her NXT Women's Title. It's long overdue as she is desperately needed on the main roster. With Smackdown and RAW suffering from lack of freshness in their women's divisions, one has to wonder what could help change the WWE's fortunes in the women's division. One name that could instantly change the landscape of the WWE Women's division would be Asuka. She's the best female wrestler to come along in NXT and she's dominated the entire division for about a year now. With victories over just about every woman in NXT, it looks as if Asuka's match against Ember Moon this weekend for NXT could be her last for the brand or at least one of her last. It's time for Asuka to test her talents on the main roster and see if she has what it takes to dominate like she did in NXT. That begs the question, where should Asuka end up? Raw? Smackdown? Which one fits her better? Let's take a second and examine.

*Asuka To RAW
-In terms of star power for women, Asuka is probably better suited for RAW. There are four women over on RAW who she will work well with and all of those possible matches are worth it if she comes to Monday Nights. Nia Jax and Asuka have decent chemistry and I'd think that a match with them on RAW could be interesting given the circumstances. Asuka and Bayley have had great matches together and maybe Asuka could help to get Bayley over the hump to that next level on the main roster. The two matches I would most look forward to on RAW would be Charlotte vs Asuka and Sasha Banks vs Asuka, as I think both matches would be main level event matches and given enough time, both could become classics. That's a hell of a case for Asuka to come to RAW and if Emma ever debuts, that would be another formidable opponent for her going forward. RAW could end up being a good place for Asuka without a doubt, but how does Smackdown measure up?

*Asuka To Smackdown
-This would be the more interesting choice in terms of different opponents. Asuka has been in the ring with Mickie James before, but she's never tested her skill against Naomi, Alexa Bliss, Natalya or Becky Lynch, all of which would make for top tier opponents for her. Asuka vs Becky for the Smackdown Women's Title would be great and I'd love to see a long feud with them. The same could be said for Asuka vs Naomi as I think they would have a nice style clash as Naomi is more explosive offensively, but Asuka is clearly the better in ring wrestler. I think the styles clash of Asuka vs Alexa Bliss could be interesting, and we all know that Asuka vs Natalya would be one for the ages if given enough time. It seems like Asuka would be a natural on the Smackdown roster. It feels like that's where she is supposed to be.

The tough thing is, I think Asuka has the potential for bigger matches on RAW, but better booking and matches on Smackdown. With that in mind, I'd say that Asuka is better suited on Smackdown because she seems like a much better fit on that roster and would benefit from having competition to grow with. She's ahead of most in the division, and I think that RAW would allow her to get lost in the mix, whereas she would be the cream of the crop of Smackdown. So if I had to make a choice, I'd say please send Asuka to the blue brand and let her show what she's really made of.



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