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Sunday, April 30, 2017

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EOTR Retro: Ranking The WWF PPVs of 1998

By @Phranchize19 

WWF hit full stride in 1998. One could argue that 1998 was the best year of the Attitude Era and the Pay Per Views were a big part of that. Today I will rank them from worst to the best in an EOTR Retro Attitude Era flashback.

13. Capital Carnage 

Main Event: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Mankind vs Undertaker vs Kane

Best Match: The Rock vs X-Pac WWF Championship 

-This PPV was sort of eh. It should've been a live show seeing as we were getting a PPV in a few short weeks. With that said, the card looks like it was thrown together because not many storylines (if any) had advancement.

12. Survivor Series

Main Event: The Rock vs Mankind 
WWF Championship 

Best Match: The Main Event

-The biggest problem with this PPV is the fact that there was a major tournament all while trying to fit other matches in on the card. The tournament felt cheap because of the quick matches. Elsewhere on the card, The Outlaws defended the tag titles in a triple threat tag match, which is underrated. Sable finally winning the Women's Title happened also (sigh) and forming of The Corporation.

11. Fully Loaded 

Main Event: Stone Cold Steve Austin and Undertaker vs Kane and Mankind 
WWF Tag Team Championship 

Best Match: 
Triple H vs The Rock 
2 Out Of 3 Falls 
Intercontinental Championship 

-This PPV was solid considering  it was a hold over for Summerslam (more on that later). The seeds for Summerslam were starting to manifest here, but a lot of the undercard was ho hum at best.

10. Over The Edge

Main Event: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Dude Love (Special Referee Vince McMahon) 
WWF Championship 

Best Match: The Main Event

-While overall this is not as good as Unforgiven the month before, the main event at this event was better than the main event at Unforgiven (if that makes sense). There was a lot of filler on this card, but the rivalry between DX and The Nation was beginning to take off here. Not to mention Marc Mero pulled a great finesse move on Sable similar to Ja Rule and Fyre Fest.

9. Breakdown 

Main Event: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Undertaker vs Kane 
WWF Championship 

Best Match: 
The Rock vs Ken Shamrock vs Mankind 
Steel Cage Match

-This PPV was interesting because of the implications. Rock would basically become a solo star on this night while Austin would finally lose the title. (planting seeds for a Mania match).

8. Rock Bottom

Main Event: Stone Cold vs Undertaker 
Buried Alive Match

Best Match: The Main Event

-This was a pretty good card. Rock and Mankind had a solid match for the title, Outlaws had a good tag match against Shamrock and Bossman, Jarrett and Goldust had a solid match that led us to seeing Debra’s puppies. D-Lo Brown and Mark Henry started to make noise in the tag division and of course we get a stellar main event (Why name a PPV after a wrestler only for that wrestler to not main event it is beyond me but hey).

7. No Way Out

Main Event: Stone Cold, Owen Hart, Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie vs DX & Savio Vega

-A lot of times the PPV prior to Wrestlemania is basically a filler but I felt this was a nice card. The cracks within The Nation would begin to manifest here as well. The main event advanced 3 storylines in one match. Elsewhere, Kane would take out a legend in Vader. Sable would get a taste of in ring action as her relationship with Mero deteriorated. All in all, a good show.

6. Unforgiven

Main Event: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Dude Love 
WWF Championship 

Best Match: Undertaker vs Kane 
Inferno Match

-This was a great follow up to Mania. Austin’s first title defense proved to be a good one. Triple H and Owen would rematch for the European title in a great match. We got Sable in her lingerie, plus the Outlaws and LOD 2000 have a solid match. Even the opening with The Nation vs Faarooq, Shamrock and Steve Blackman was good. Great card.

5. Judgment Day

Main Event: Undertaker vs Kane (Special Referee Stone Cold) 
WWF Championship

Best Match: D’Lo Brown vs XPac 
European Championship 

-I REALLY liked this card. Austin getting fired was the headline, but we got a GREAT European title match. We also got to see the return of Goldust and the debut of Christian. The Outlaws and Headbangers had a surprisingly great match for the tag titles. Shamrock and Mankind had a strong bout for the Intercontinental title. Rock and Mark Henry didn't do much, but this was a great card despite that.

4. Royal Rumble 

Main Event: 
Shawn Michaels vs  Undertaker 
Casket Match 
WWF Championship 

Best Match: 1998 Royal Rumble

-This is probably the best Rumble card from top to bottom IMO. Outlaws vs LOD had a tag title match that was good. Rock vs Shamrock and their Intercontinental Title Match was good. Vader and Goldust had a great opening match and the Rumble was great. This was a good card all around.

3. Wrestlemania 14

Main Event: Stone Cold vs Shawn Michaels 
WWF Championship 

Best Match: Undertaker vs Kane

-One of my favorite Wrestlemanias. The main Event was great, Taker vs Kane was phenomenal, HHH And Owen Hart had a GREAT match, Outlaws had a good match against Foley and Funk, plus Rock getting destroyed by Shamrock is hilarious, among other things. This was a great way to “officially” usher in the Attitude Era.

2. King of the Ring

Main Event: 
Stone Cold vs Kane 
First Blood Match
WWF Championship 

Best Match: 
Undertaker vs Mankind 
Hell In A Cell

-One of the best PPVs WWE has ever produced IMO. The First Blood match was great, and HIAC was an instant classic that will NEVER be forgotten. Elsewhere, Shamrock wins the KOTR tourney over The Rock. Outlaws defending the tag titles against the New Midnight Express was surprisingly good. X-Pac vs Owen Hart was a great match also, it helped to round out a solid PPV.

1. Summerslam 

Main Event: 
Stone Cold vs Undertaker 

Best Match: 
Triple H vs The Rock 
Ladder Match 
Intercontinental Championship 

-The best PPV of 1998. Val Venis vs D’Lo Brown was a great way to start the card. X-Pac and Jeff Jarrett put on an entertaining bout in a hair vs hair match. Owen Hart and Ken Shamrock would compete in the Lion's Den, which was a solid contest. The Outlaws would beat up on Mankind to win back the tag titles as well, and the two main events were superb. Truly the best PPV of 1998.

-C. Yates


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