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Friday, April 7, 2017

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Eyes On WrestleMania: The 10 Best WrestleMania Undercards

By @TrueGodImmortal 

WrestleMania is always loved for the main events and the spectacle in general. The main events like Hogan vs Warrior, Rock vs Austin, HBK vs Taker, and many more are etched in WWE history. But what about the rest of the card? What about the matches that make up the undercard? Now, that begs the question, which WrestleMania has the best undercard? Well, today, I wanted to take a look and rank the top 10 undercards in WrestleMania history. The undercard consists of the card below the main event of course, usually all of the matches that are stuck from the beginning through the middle of the card. Which Manias have great undercards? Let's take a look.

10. WrestleMania 33

-Despite having one of the worst main events ever, this recent Mania had a ton of great matches and despite a card that I wasn't really excited for, it was superb. AJ vs Shane was match of the night, with Seth vs HHH a close second, and I enjoyed the Ladder Match for the RAW Tag Team Titles with the return of The Hardys. I can't forget the really solid Kevin Owens vs Jericho match, which was fun, and Brock vs Goldberg, which this time around at Mania was actually fun. A really good undercard.

9. WrestleMania 30

-This isn't the best undercard by any stretch and that's why it's a bit lower on the list, but it's a very good one still. The best match of the night? The opening match of Daniel Bryan vs Triple H, which is a true classic, as well as the pretty solid battle royal that ends with Cesaro winning. Cena vs Bray was a solid match for sure, and the undercard featured Taker vs Brock in what would be the end of the streak. Though the undercard isn't a top 5 worthy one, it's still a very solid one overall.

8. WrestleMania 10

-Why is this one here you might be asking? Simple. Bret vs Owen. Savage vs Crush (a guilty pleasure match). HBK vs Razor Ramon. Do I need to really say anything else? Two of the best matches in Mania history. On the undercard. Nuff said.

7. WrestleMania 18

-Though this is slept on as an entire event, the undercard is really solid. From the Flair vs Taker match to the Hogan vs Rock classic, not to mention the Women's title and tag team matches, I also enjoyed Scott Hall vs Stone Cold. It's a solid event all around, and the opening was perfect basically with RVD vs William Regal. WrestleMania 18 definitely had a great undercard.

6. WrestleMania 31

-This one was tough. I wanted to put it on the top 5, but it's not quite there. Sting vs Triple H, the Ladder Match for the IC Title, not to mention Bray vs Taker, and of course Seth vs Orton, this undercard was really great to watch.

5. WrestleMania 14

-A no brainer once you look back at this event and the card. Overall, it's one of the best Manias ever and while many of the praise for this event is due to the main event of Austin vs HBK, how could you sleep on the Light Heavyweight Title match, Undertaker vs Kane, The Rock vs Ken Shamrock, and Triple H vs Owen Hart. This is the official kick off of the Attitude Era and one of my favorite Manias ever and the undercard is great.

4. WrestleMania 24

-In what is a shock to me, this card has one of the best undercards ever in Mania history. It really was a shock to me because I had low expectations going into this Mania, but was pleasantly surprised. Headlined by Undertaker vs Edge in a great contest, this Mania has some really great matches in the undercard. The first match, JBL vs Finlay was really solid, and then we are treated to one of my favorite MITB ladder matches as well. CM Punk winning was surprising and the Matt Hardy return was executed pretty well. Other matches on the undercard that worked well was Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair in Flair's retirement match, the interesting Big Show vs Floyd Mayweather match, and the triple threat WWE Championship Match between Triple H, John Cena, and Randy Orton. Overall, this is without a doubt one of the best undercards in WrestleMania history.

3. WrestleMania 21

-A Money In the Bank Ladder Match. Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero. The Undertaker vs Randy Orton. A Hulk Hogan appearance and Stone Cold going face to face with Rowdy Roddy Piper. The most significant part of this show however? Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle, one of the greatest matches of all time at Mania. How else could you kick off the event than with a really solid opening contest from two of the best at the time, Eddie and Rey? Then follow it up with an amazing inaugural Money In The Bank Ladder Match that features some of the best wrestlers ever like Edge, Chris Jericho, Benoit, and of course the athleticism of the incomparable Shelton Benjamin. Then how could it get better? Add in a superb Undertaker vs Randy Orton match to give Taker his best Mania match in a couple of years, and then after a subpar women's title match, give us HBK vs Angle, which is an all time great Mania match. The only thing that takes away from this undercard is the women's title match and the awful sumo match. Other than that, the undercard here is almost flawless.

2. WrestleMania 19

-This undercard was really special. A three way tag team match. Rey Mysterio vs Matt Hardy. Hulk Hogan vs Vince McMahon (which is still undercard), Triple H vs Booker T, and the best match of the card, Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho. If you want to include Austin vs Rock 3 in the undercard, I'm not mad at that either. The main event of the night was Brock vs Angle, and the fact remains that it was a great main event, but all of my favorite matches took place on the undercard. HBK vs Y2J is one of the greatest Mania matches and undercard matches period. It is a classic. Rey vs Matt was a fun opener. Hogan and Vince has a bloody battle that really brought their feud to an end. Triple H and Booker had a good match that ended the wrong way. Otherwise, there were some other good matches on the night like the triple threat tag team title match and the triple threat Women's Title match as well. All in all, this is more like 1A in terms of the undercard, but I edged it to WM17 just because of TLC 2. It was that good. That and the fact that Undertaker vs Big Show and A Train is here and it is unwatchable. At least the Gimmick Battle Royal from WM17 was hilarious and entertaining.

1. WrestleMania 17

-The main event was simply Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock, but the undercard is the greatest ever. It's simple. Triple H vs Undertaker. Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit. TLC 2. Shane vs Vince. I mean that's enough right there. There's not a single Mania undercard that could compete with this. I mean look at that lineup of matches: Hardy Boyz vs Dudleys vs Edge and Christian in the second and the best TLC match. Triple H vs Undertaker in a very good and physical match. Shane and Vince putting on a hell of a battle with WCW in the balance. Benoit vs Angle. Two of the best ever in a solid match. Even the Hardcore Match was fun to watch, not to mention Jericho vs Regal as well. This is the best WrestleMania undercard to me.



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