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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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EOTR Tag Team Tuesdays: Money Inc.

By @AmeenKnows 

Great gimmicks go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Okay, well maybe an evil tax Accountant isn't a really good gimmick but money and money go together perfectly. On one side, you have the snobbish Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase and on the other side, you have I.R.S., the evil tax accountant. Both are money themed gimmicks so it's only common sense to put them together.

DiBiase was known for paying other wrestlers and officials to do his dirty work, so he comes up with the genius idea to pay off Jimmy Hart, who at the time was managing The Natural Disasters, for a tag team title shot that belonged to the Disasters. Obnoxious rich man, a federal tax agent and a manager who never shuts up and now you have a potential legendary team. So with their newly bought title shot, Money Inc defeats L.O.D. for the World tag team titles at a house show in Denver. The Disasters fired Hart as their manager and feuded with Money Inc over the titles, but were unsuccessful in multiple attempts. At SummerSlam 1992, Money Inc. was defeated by L.O.D for the World Tag Team titles. However 2 months later, Money Inc. would regain the titles with help from the Headshrinkers, to beat their rivals The Natural Disasters.

By February, Money Inc. was facing some tension with manager Jimmy Hart. After beating down a helpless Brutus Beefcake, Hart stepped in to protect Beefcake thus confirming his split from the group. Hulk Hogan would return and form The Mega Maniacs with Beefcake and Hart became their manager. At Wrestlemania Money Inc. escaped with their Tag Team titles after a reversed decision. They moved on to a feud with the Steiner Brothers who defeated them for the World Tag Team Championship. Two days later, Money Inc. regained the belts but dropped them again three days later to the Steiners. After failing to regain the Tag Team Titles, the team disbanded after DiBiase's feud with Razor Ramon so DiBiase could take time off. They later would reunite together in the Million Dollar Corporation.

This team doesn't really wow me in the ring but what I love is how well their characters blend together. They did have some weaker feuds with the Disasters and Nasty Boys, but they proved far and away that they couldn't be touched in both feuds. It worked so well with IRS as the heavy hitter, DiBiase as the heavy talker and Hart as the Flavor Flav to Money Inc's Public Enemy. Buying a title shot and actually winning was a genius move by creative. What I will say is that WWE obviously learned a valuable lesson from this and put together another good team with similar characters in The Fashion Police but only time will tell if they will surpass these guys. We shall see.



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