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Monday, June 12, 2017

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Eyes On MITB: Smackdown Women's MITB Match

By @TrueGodImmortal 

History is being made yet again in women's wrestling... word to Sasha Banks. Over the last year, we've seen women headline RAW and Smackdown, as well as headline a PPV, have their first Hell In a Cell and Ironman matches on WWE PPV, and now we will get the very first MITB Women's Match. Who has the best chance of winning? Let's take a look.


-I don't think she has a chance to win at all. She's been relegated to secondary status in this match, essentially since she's not as important on the roster. Still, Natalya is a great performer and a win for her would restore her momentum for sure. Still, it's unlikely.

Chance Of Winning: 5%


-A true dark horse candidate who could end up sneaking away with the briefcase. She's growing as a heel for sure, but for some reason, I just can't see her walking out with the briefcase. It's possible she gets the win and has James Ellsworth carry around her briefcase, but there's no telling if that'll be the case for sure. Will Carmella take that next step? Who knows, but I'd say she's got a better shot than two other women in this match for winning.

Chance Of Winning: 20%

*Tamina Snuka 

-I really don't see Tamina winning this at all, mainly because I don't see a championship in her future, but I could very well be wrong. She's a part of a legendary family, so it's entirely possible that she sneaks a win, but is anyone interested in seeing a Tamina push or title run? Not really. I'd say she and Natalya have the least chances for winning, but you never say never in the WWE, I guess.

Chance Of Winning: 5%


-The perennial favorite to win it all shouldn't come as a shock. She's the biggest name in the Women's Division and as a face, she's not well adjusted yet, but perhaps as a tweener, a big time victory for Charlotte carrying around a personalized Queen's briefcase would be fun to witness. I think she is the most likely to win, only because she has the most momentum of any wrestler on the entire Smackdown roster right now. I expect Charlotte to walk out with the briefcase.

Chance Of Winning: 40%

*Becky Lynch

-Becky would be my 2nd choice to win this match, after Charlotte and only slightly ahead of Carmella. Becky was the first Smackdown Women's Champion and she has a chance to get back to the top spot with a victory in this match. However, the issue here, is that Becky is still a face and with Charlotte creeping up in that no. 1 face spot on Smackdown, it's possible a heel turn would be perfect for Becky with the briefcase. I'm not 100% sold on her winning over Charlotte, but I could very well see it happen.

Chance Of Winning: 30%

So, who wins? As you see here, I've chosen Becky and Charlotte as the two top choices, with Carmella as a dark horse. Whoever wins this match will have a heavy honor and this match could surprise a lot of people for sure.



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