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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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Eyes On WWE: The 5 Greatest Matches At WWE Vengeance PPV

By @TrueGodImmortal 

A while ago, the big July PPV in WWE was the aptly titled Vengeance. After the inception of the event in December 2001, it became a regular PPV for years after in the hottest month of the year (until it was turned into Night of Champions, then brought back briefly for 2011). It was the last stop usually before we made it to Summerslam and now with two July PPVs on tap and Summerslam on the way, we wanted to talk about the 5 best matches to come from the event that took over where Fully Loaded started and carved its own PPV legacy. Let's take a look.

5. Edge vs Randy Orton 
Intercontinental Championship Match
Vengeance 2004

-I debated about what match to put here because my top 4 came to me so easily. I decided to go with this one because of what it represented for the changing of a career. It signaled the ascension of Orton to the next level and seemed to put Edge on his path to become the star he would finally be. Orton and Edge put on a great match for 27 minutes before Edge walks away with the win and the IC Title. Orton and Edge came to steal the show and this is the most memorable of the entire event without question.

4. Kurt Angle vs Brock Lesnar vs Big Show 
WWE Championship Match 
Vengeance 2003

-One of the more entertaining triple threat matches, these three went out there and had a near classic match to close out a surprisingly solid Vengenace PPV for Smackdown only. Oddly enough, despite this being a near classic, it is NOT my favorite match on the night and it is NOT my top match on the card. However, that takes nothing away from a match that sits in very high company and is at least a 4 star contest throughout. Angle walks away with the victory here and wins back the WWE Title that he dropped to Brock months prior at Wrestlemania 19, and that was a shock in itself.

3. Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle 
Vengeance 2005

-A Wrestlemania 21 match turns into a true classic. Though this wasn't better than their epic and 5 star Mania classic, these two put on a 4.5 star match without question. Both men brought their best, and they went at it for nearly 27 minutes, much like their lengthy Mania battle, with counters and all the stops being pulled out. While Angle left Mania victorious, Vengeance would come in the form of a win for HBK, tying them at 1-1 and setting up a future rubber match to determine a win of the match series they would have.

2. Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit 
US Championship Match Finals 
Vengeance 2003

-A slept on battle, this is the best match of the 2003 event. Eddie and Chris went at each other like they always have and this might be their best match together. Their chemistry was off the charts, as Eddie and Chris would kick off the show the right way, going to war for the Vacant US Title and showing exactly why they were the top tier performers we knew them as. Eddie walks away with the win here, but the match itself is so good that you end up watching it over and over again. We won't ever see talents quite like Eddie and Chris again.

1. The Rock vs Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker 
WWE Undisputed Championship Match 
Vengeance 2002

-The cream of the crop. The best match in the history of the PPV. The measuring stick for a majority of the triple threat matches in the WWE. Rock, Angle, and Taker went out there for 20 minutes and delivered every second they were in the ring. From reversals to double team moves to natural excitement of having three of the greatest in the business out there, this match has everything you want and more. A nice touch to have The Rock go over as he got tasked with the job of eventually putting over Brock Lesnar going forward. The right man won and the match was great. This is perfection for WWE in every way in the ring.