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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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Eyes On WWE: Brock Lesnar Vs Samoa Joe- A Dream Match

By @TrueGodImmortal 

Samoa Joe. The Samoan Destruction Machine. Brock Lesnar. The Beast Incarnate. We've got a dream match happening soon, and it's been years in the making it feels like. Brock Lesnar, one of the biggest names in the WWE right now, is the Universal Champion, though you might not even realize it (he's never around). Samoa Joe is one of the most dangerous names in wrestling period and a top tier performer. Together, they are essentially two trains ready to crash into each other head on. There's a lot of great matches that Brock could have with his limited yet more frequent schedule this year, but the name that has always stuck out to me was Samoa Joe. That was the most realistic dream match for him in terms of a matchup. While Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and others are a bit too small, and guys like Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns aren't the best performers overall, it is fitting that a dangerous wrestler like Joe matches up with an equally dangerous competitor in Brock. It's the perfect storm.

I remember when WWE was trying to sell Brock vs Reigns, this is the match they were wishing for it to be. As the odds were given for the fatal 5 way contest at Extreme Rules, many suspected another Reigns victory unnecessarily, or maybe even a Finn Balor win as Heyman had put him over in a promo weeks prior to the event. However, as I mentioned on my Extreme Rules preview, I preferred seeing Samoa Joe winning to give us a dream match we had wished for. As Samoa Joe locked in his choke hold on Finn Balor late in the match, I watched as Finn faded away and Joe won the match cleanly with no interference. This set Joe on a collision course with Brock, and the excitement was reaching the highest point possible. The build would begin this Monday on RAW and it was as exciting as any build I've witnessed in a while on RAW.

The build, with Joe as the clear cut heel is perfect and it's already kicked off the right way with the fallout on RAW. With Joe in the ring cutting a promo, he was interrupted by Paul Heyman, who was there to send what could essentially be seen as a warning. Joe stopped the promo halfway through and slowly walks up to Heyman and away the mic tells him exactly what he's about to do. Joe then chokes out Heyman to send a message to Brock and warn him of what is to come. This was executed perfectly, as Joe sending a message to Brock now makes him the aggressor and Heyman is rarely ever touched in this era, so it was special. Heyman would be seen making a call to Brock on his phone (Brock is saved in his phone as BROCK), and Brock was confirmed to be on RAW for next week, signaling a future confrontation in the works.

With Monday approaching again so fast, it's no wonder that the WWE Universe is abuzz about this potential classic main event. Brock hasn't been made to look vulnerable against an actual good competitor since he came back to WWE, and after odd feuds with John Cena, The Undertaker, Roman Reigns, and Goldberg, this is the exact challenge that Brock needs to revitalize himself going forward with the last year of his contract. Make no mistake about it, yes, Brock is a huge star, but he's been extremely lazy and Joe is not the guy that you want to be lazy against. He's a striker, a pure fighter, and he's believable with everything he does. If Brock can bring fear based on his size and strength, Joe can strike fear via his aggression and his menacing demeanor. These two are the perfect opponents for each other and this match is long overdue in a big way.

When Joe arrived in the WWE, the main opponent that I saw him going against was Brock. Two behemoths against each other, with suplexes, chokes, and pure aggression and strength. It was a match made in heaven (or hell). Now, as they get set for their match at the horribly titled PPV Great Balls Of Fire, we have to wonder what type of match we will see from these two. Will we see a brutal and bloody contest? We will see a glorified squash like most of Brock's matches? We will see a true classic, with mat holds, submissions, and actual skill? One has to wonder what these men have up their sleeve, but I only hope Brock takes this match seriously and shows up. As we've seen in the CM Punk match and the triple threat with Rollins and Cena, a focused Brock can put on some great matches. I'd like to see Joe win the title and become an actual wrecking force, but there's actually a chance that WWE still keeps the belt on Brock for absolutely no reason and allow him to hold it until Mania 34 where he will sadly drop it to Roman Reigns. Let's hope WWE realizes how stupid of a plan this is, and decides to shock the world by pulling the trigger on a Samoa Joe WWE Universal Title run. Brock can stand to take a loss in his final contract year, and Joe needs to momentum of a big win and a title reign allows us to have the Universal Champion around weekly again. Regardless of the outcome, Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar will be a huge match, and I'm just glad WWE is actually giving this long awaited match to us.



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