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Thursday, July 6, 2017

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Eyes On WWE: 5 Wrestlers That Need A WWE Documentary

By @Phranchize19

WWE usually drops documentaries on great legends or their current top stars. While I am a huge fan of these (I usually get them when they come out), WWE has missed out on some documentaries that many great wrestling fans would want to see. I'm going to list the 5 I think WWE has to come out with. Keep in mind I'm not doing current top stars such as Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose as I'm sure we will get their documentaries at a later date, nor legends like Kurt Angle who has a DVD set already in the works.

*Ted DiBiase

-By far the longest overdue DVD set. DiBiase was one of the top heels in all of wrestling and a tremendous in ring competitor. DiBiase has had great matches that don't get discussed enough and a legacy of being one of the only guys that was in the limelight during the Hogan era.

*Ravishing Rick Rude

-Probably one of the most gifted athletes ever, Rick Rude had the charisma and the talent. I've always wanted to hear his story being told as I've heard some great yet hilarious things about him. Rude’s career in both WWE and WCW has classic matches so I expect this will drop soon since he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

*Psycho Sid

-A guy from Memphis who made it to 2 Wrestlemania main events. Sid was quite the polarizing figure so I am quite intrigued as to what a documentary on him would consist of. With his career in promotions in Memphis, WCW and WWE, I would expect a lot of content to be on a DVD such as this.


-Can you imagine a DVD set with Dustin Runnels? With the issues he had with his father as well as a failed marriage and many other personal problems, a Goldust DVD set would be pure gold (pun intended) and the match selection on there would come from both his time as the Natural and his over 20 year WWE career.

*British Bulldog

Probably the best wrestler on this list. Bulldog doesn't get nearly enough credit for his contributions to wrestling. Bulldog was one of the best ever and he proved it day in and day out. A consummate professional who always did what was asked of him a set with bulldog is long overdue.
There are so many others to list but these are the 5 that I think truly fit and should get a DVD.



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