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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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Eyes On WWE: The Summerslam 2017 Main Event

By @TrueGodImmortal

With the Summerslam PPV approaching very quickly, it's time to discuss the biggest match on the show. No, it won't be John Cena vs Jinder Mahal, and it damn sure won't be Bayley vs Alexa Bliss or Naomi vs Natalya, but RAW has done something right lately surprisingly. In addition to the Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose hinted reunion, there is the Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt feud which could be fun, but the biggest match on the card of the summer is the Fatal Four Way match for the Universal Championship that was just announced on Monday. It'll be a huge battle between Brock Lesnar, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, and Roman Reigns. As of now, it seems like it'll be the premier match of the show and could end up being a classic. Braun is improving, Reigns is a solid worker, and Samoa Joe is... well he's Samoa Joe. With that said, who has the best chance to win this match and walk out of Brooklyn as the Universal Champion? Let's examine.

*Roman Reigns
-First things first, Reigns should NOT win this match. He should NOT win the title for some time. He should NOT. Why? Look, I get it. He's a main eventer and he will continue to be. Fine. Boo him or cheer him, it doesn't matter. Vince is in love with this man and he will continue to push him as a big time star. He will likely end up defeating Cena at Mania to add to his already inflated and overblown legacy and that's alright. It was bound to happen. The sad fact remains, Reigns is not really the guy to be your top champion and while his reaction is more negative than positive, he's not a heel. He's not THE GUY no matter how much they force him. It's not organic. With that said, let's keep him away from the title. He doesn't need it. He can compete for it, but he should not win it.

*Brock Lesnar
-Literally, the two opponents that were scheduled to do battle one on one in Brock and Reigns are the two that shouldn't win it. Brock has had a 5 month reign almost now for nothing. Absolutely nothing. He defended the title once since he won it and that match was 7 minutes long. It was a fun match, but that's a shorter main event match than Diesel put on in 1995 as WWF Champ. The reigning but not really defending Universal Champ has wore out his WWE welcome after 5 and a half years and while he's fine as a non title holding special attraction, it's time for him to lose this belt. Brock should lose and I honestly think he should be pinned in this match. Brock might be leaving for UFC, so hopefully, he loses this match.

*Samoa Joe
-The right man to win. No one has been on as fire as Joe since the summer began. When a guy is on a roll, you shouldn't kill his momentum. Even a loss to Brock didn't slow his momentum down, so it's time to pull the trigger. Joe is a full time star who seemingly can stay healthy, put on great matches weekly, and can lead the RAW brand as a top tier heel or tweener. If Joe wins the match and the title, there's money in a Brock rematch, money in a Bray Wyatt feud, money in a Finn Balor feud, even money in another Seth or Ambrose feud, and of course Braun or Reigns. I want Joe to win this match, but I don't think he will because WWE isn't smart. However....

*Braun Strowman
-The only man with as much momentum as Joe in the WWE right now is Braun. If Joe can't get it, then Braun needs to win. He's been the most over star on RAW since 2017 began surprisingly and his momentum keeps growing. If there is one man who could win and the crowd could go home completely happy? It's Braun. He's a monster and his improvement might deserve a short run with the WWE Universal Title. I'd love to see Braun win and then we get a Brock vs Braun rematch for the belt. That would be great. Braun is a huge favorite and probably my favorite to win, slightly over Reigns in the realistic booking department.

Who will win this match? That's anyone's guess, but let's hope it ends up being Joe or Braun. Those two options would be perfect. Time will tell. The Road To Summerslam begins now.



  1. I love for either Joe or Braun to win. With Braun, you have a great monster heel, who can dominate most of his opponents with his strength and power. It also helps that his in-ring skills have vastly improved since last year.

    Joe on the other hand is a relentless brawler, who keeps coming at you with amazing speed and agility and brutal strikes And kicks. And his clutch is one of the most devastating submission moves in wrestling.