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Thursday, August 31, 2017

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EOTR Match Of The Week: The Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Kane

By @Phranchize19

As I return this week, I wanted to continue the theme of triple threat matches. Today, I pick a triple threat which is a glorified handicap match from Break Down 1998 with Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, and Kane doing battle for the WWF Title. Let’s get into it.

Austin had just defeated Taker at Summerslam. In the weeks leading to that, it seemed as if Kane and Undertaker had come back together and were going to get the title away from Stone Cold, much to the delight of Vince McMahon. After defeat,  McMahon would attempt to challenge Undertaker and Kane to be the monsters they could be and over the next few weeks, no one, not even Austin was safe. McMahon liked what he saw and struck a deal with the Brothers of Destruction and created the Masterplan to get the title from the grasp of Stone Cold.

The Match
Austin would attack Taker during Taker’s entrance in an attempt to divide and conquer. Once in the ring with Kane, Kane would get the upper hand until Taker came to the ring. Austin would then take a pounding from the seven foot brothers for much of the match. The action would spill outside where Austin had a flurry until the stooges came in and essentially made it 5 against 1. As the match came back to the ring, there were several teases of dissension between the brothers as each man tried to pin the champion. Taker would finally have enough and attack Kane which gave Austin a glimmer of hope. Austin would then succumb to a double chokeslam and was pinned by both brothers. McMahon, who had been absent during the entire match, came down to get the title belt. As we all wondered who was the champion and winner of the match, McMahon didn’t care. He made it clear that it was no longer Stone Cold Steve Austin and that's all that mattered.

Phranchize Grade and Analysis
While not a masterpiece, this match did a good job considering its purpose. The purpose was to protect Austin while getting the belt off of him to set up a title win at Wrestlemania. Another purpose was an Undertaker heel turn, which was all but inevitable. The story being told during the match was excellent and commentary was amazing with Lawler rooting the brothers while Jim Ross would root for his best friend. Kane didn’t get much shine in this match, but I felt that he really didn’t need it. While the match was all over the place, it made for interesting TV. The teases of Stone Cold possibly winning helped the story as well, and the ending left us with a cliffhanger to close the show and the lasting image of Vince flipping off Austin. It was well worth it.

Rating: 7.5/10



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