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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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EOTR Tag Team Tuesdays: 5 Of The Worst Tag Teams

By @TrueGodImmortal

When we talk about tag teams, we always tend to look at some of the best in the business. We rarely point out some of the worst. That changes today. Today, I want to take a look back at the worst of the worst.... well some of them at least. He's a look at 5 of the worst tag teams ever and why they were so terrible. Let's get into it.

*Legion Of Doom 2005

-Imagine taking the legacy of a great tag team and using it to help push a guy that did poems and seemed to molest Michael Cole as a heel. Then, imagine one original member as part of the team. And being okay with it. Animal. Heinderich. The truth is, I don't think anyone realized how sad it was to pay homage to Hawk by using HEINDERICH. Why? Why???? This team actually won the tag team titles together, but they were so terrible as a unit that it's a wonder that WWE even gave them that run. I can't even describe how terrible this whole run was.

*Harlem Heat 2000

-Imagine taking the name of one of the greatest tag teams and the legacy... And wait, I literally just mentioned a team that did the exact same thing. I still think this might have been worse. The concept of Legion Of Doom 2005 was essentially similar to this one, but not exactly the same. This team was used to break away from Booker T, the leader of the original Harlem Heat, as Stevie Ray worked with Big T, or as we know him, Ahmed Johnson. This team was a horrible idea, as both Stevie Ray and Big T seemed to be out of shape and just not able to push further in the WCW as a unit. This team should have never happened. Ever.

*Well Dunn

-I can't speak much on this team. I honestly don't understand why they were a real thing. Before they got to the WWF, they were pretty popular on the territories, and successful. Of course, WWF changed them and made them into this sad excuse of a team. As Timothy Well and Steve Dunn, they were a mostly jobber team that had little direction. Aside from a feud with The Bushwhackers, this team really did nothing in the WWF and were easily one of the most horrible teams ever.

*The Godwinns 

-I can't believe I didn't hate this team back in the day. Maybe it was my age, but I never hated them and watched most of their matches. Then I woke up. When I woke up, I realized how terrible they were. Henry O. Godwinn.... or HOG. Phineas I. Godwinn... or PIG. WWF might have the dumbest creative team in history. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea. WHO? WHO? It wasn't. The Godwinns won the tag team titles multiple times and eventually changed over to the still horrible Southern Justice tag team, but the Godwinns were just terrible. TERRIBLE.

*Tekno Team 2000 

-I just don't understand. Why. Why was this a real team. Why was this seen as a good idea. Why. Why. I just don't know. Silver. Shiny silver outfits and jackets. The team of the future. I mean... someone really thought this was a good idea. The two, Troy and Travis, were just not the two wrestlers to take the WWF into the next era... or any era really. As a team, they barely lasted and overall, they were just disappointing on some many levels. There was no way they would miss this list of horrible teams.



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