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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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EOTR Tag Team Tuesdays: Three Tag Team Reunions Smackdown Live Needs

By @AmeenKnows 

Last week I touched base on the state of the Smackdown Live Tag Team Division. I could have used harsher words to describe just how much disdain I actually have for the grotesque state of said division, but I like to play nice. And yes, I used the words grotesque and disdain so you can see I know fancy words. However that's unimportant. I've thought up 3 particular teams I would want to see reunited on Smackdown. Three teams that I think could bolster the division and breathe new life into it. I wanted to use actually plausible actions instead of doing something like randomly putting Rollins and Ambrose back together and moving them to the Blue Brand.

*Luke Harper and Erick Rowan
-I kicked off with Harper and Rowan because its the easiest option to book. Gimmick aside, it's very clear that WWE just doesn't see how special Luke Harper really is as a singles star. He may not wow you with the showmanship, but Harper can get his hands dirty with the best of them. Erick Rowan hasn't done anything, besides creep out Renee Young, and it's clear creative has no plans for him similar to the first split the two experienced in 2014 when Harper was Intercontinental Champion for a week and Rowan was in a stairs match. Putting them together brings back an interesting dynamic where they both will become the hardest hitting and most physical team on the brand which bodes well meshing with Highflyers (Usos) and more technical/hybrid styles (The New Day). Also, the duo doesn’t speak so they can float between tweener as a face to knock off the Usos or as a heel randomly attacking the New Day.

*Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
-This is the most unlikely of the three teams due to character but would be the most exciting to see. Sami Zayn is the loveable underdog babyface and Kevin Owens is the trash talking prizefighter who hates his bestfriend. In order to set this up it would take a huge change of heart from either star thus making it highly unlikely since both are really good in their roles. Teaming up in ROH was one of my favorite things about both of them. They were so in sync with each other from years of knowing each other so each match became special because they presented something different each time. With them in the Division you know you're going to get two talkers who can carry the division if need be and can make forgotten guys who randomly get a title shot (like the Ascension) look good with a good amount of time in a match.

*Moustache Mountain
-I figured this one would also be hard to pull off considering no United Kingdom Tournament competitor will be called up anytime soon and WWE clearly sees Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne as the clear cut runners of the division, so pairing up with Trent Seven as Moustache Mountain in WWE seems a bit unlikely, however that doesn't mean it wouldn't be fun. The current Progress Tag Team Champions are fun to watch because of their showmanship, similar to fellow Brit Jack Gallagher, and their abilities to wrestle their asses off. They've got two good fighting styles that usually always mesh well together: a brawler and a mat wrestler. I don't have to tell you how great potential matchups will be. Just search "Moss & Slater vs Moustache Mountain" and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.



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