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Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Eyes On NFL: The 5 Best Quarterbacks In The NFL

By @TrueGodImmortal

The most important position in the NFL seems to be the quarterback. Yes, the defense as a collective is very important as well, but in terms of the most important position, that's all the QB. The decision of whether to scramble, throw short or long, or hand it off to the running back requires quick thinking that goes beyond simple playbooks sometimes. From accuracy to pocket presence, the QB is the engine that drives the team. That begs the question, who are the best QBs in the game today? We take a look at the top 5 in the NFL currently heading into the new season. Let's get into it.

5. Matt Ryan 

-The MVP and the man who watched a 28-3 Super Bowl dissolve is one of the five best QBs in the NFL for the moment. He isn't the fastest or the most versatile at the position, but Matt Ryan has worked on his accuracy, his timing, and that led the Falcons to the Super Bowl and nearly capturing the championship. While Matt Ryan might experience a decline like some MVPs have in the past after a crushing Super Bowl loss, as of right now, he seems poised to try and obtain NFC South supremacy. There's only one QB and team who can stand in his way. Speaking of which....

4. Drew Brees

-It's tough to really go against Drew Brees, as he's a stat stuffer without much playoff success to show for it. Still, stats do matter in sports and when you can have 5,000 yards passing in multiple seasons, you're definitely doing something right. The only knock against Brees is that for all of those passing yards, he still manages to NOT get far in the playoffs and hasn't won much. Might that change this year? It's possible, as the Saints have improved their team on paper in the off-season, and they could very well be headed for the playoffs or maybe even winning the NFC South, which could be much more competitive than years past. Is this the year that Drew gets the wins to go along with the stats? Only time will tell.

3. Ben Roethlisberger

-Am I a big fan of Big Ben? Not really. However, when we talk success and ability, he's still one of the best. His injuries and his age might be catching up to him, but the fact he helped lead the team back to the AFC Championship says a lot about what he can do. We keep doubting Big Ben and every year he just continues to excel. While I think Brees is a better pure QB, you can't bet against the track record of Ben, as he knows how to win, how to get to the Super Bowl, and how to continuously lead that offense and team into the playoffs.

2. Aaron Rodgers 

-In actuality, Rodgers is the 1B to Tom Brady's 1A. When it comes to natural QB ability, honestly, Rodgers might be slightly better than Brady, which is always a regular argument amongst NFL fans. However, Rodgers came up short this year in the NFC Championship Game, mostly due to a depleted Packers team, but while it isn't a knock against him, I just can't put him over Brady. When it comes to hail mary passes and amazing accuracy, there aren't many quite like Rodgers. He's knocking on the door of that no. 1 spot without a doubt.

1. Tom Brady

-His pocket presence, his ability to control the game, his poise, his accuracy, and his overall greatness just keeps Brady at that no. 1 spot. There's always a QB that surpasses or at least is equal to Brady at some point and right now that's Rodgers. Previously, it was Peyton and now he has competition with AR12. Could a Packers vs Patriots Super Bowl be coming this season? It's possible for sure, and for Brady, who owns a number of records, and has 5 championships under his belt, perhaps he finishes his legacy with a 6th and maybe final title. Brady is nearing the end of his career, and since he's just turned 40, the fact that he's still at the top of the QB list says so much about his legend and ability. Brady is still no. 1 until further notice.



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