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Friday, August 25, 2017

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Eyes On WCW: The 5 Worst WCW World Champions

By @TrueGodImmortal 

WCW was never the best wrestling company and they didn't necessarily have the greatest main event roster either.  While the undercard was usually full of talent, WCW stuffed their main event scene with older stars, random legends, and wrestlers way beyond their prime. From time to time, they would make the big mistake of putting an actual non wrestler in a position of prominence in the company. Sometimes, WCW would make those people champions. Sometimes, WCW would offer title opportunities to wrestlers who were below average. That's why I'm here today. I wanted to take a look at the worst WCW World Champions ever. Let's get into it.

5. Kevin Nash 

-Years ago, in a galaxy far far away, I was a Kevin Nash fan. Still, despite being a fan of his antics and promos, he was horrible in the ring for the most part following injuries and he has some terrible title reigns to go along with that. He had multiple reigns which resulted in horrible feuds with DDP, Scott Steiner (who just missed this list), Jeff Jarrett, Sid Vicious, and more. His first WCW Title run came courtesy of ending the streak of Goldberg, a move that I am still surprised WCW went through with. Nash was entertaining, but he was never meant to be a World Champion.

4. Jeff Jarrett

-This is when the politics of the business lead wrestlers who don't draw money to the promise land. Why in the hell was Jarrett given multiple title runs in WCW? What purpose did it serve? Who did it help? Did business pick up as a result? Did this really help WCW in the ratings war as they were getting slaughtered by the WWF? I think not. Jarrett was a decent in ring performer, but the truth is that he was mostly boring and not true World Champion material. Through the year 2000, every time Jarrett won the belt, it felt like WCW was about to go out of business. It eventually did.

3. Sid Vicious

-Despite being a prominent wrestler and liked by a few sad fans (Phranchize), Sid was garbage. Simply put. A horrible performer in the ring and an interesting promo. That's it. So, I was shocked when in 1999 and 2000, Sid entered the WCW Title picture. At a time when Benoit, Eddie, Bret, Sting, DDP, and more were available then, it was a shock that the company went with Sid. I guess he was a proven name, but he didn't draw. His feuds with Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, and more did absolutely nothing for the company and the business, and his matches were horrendous. The fact is, Sid Vicious should not be a former WWE and WCW World Champion. Simple as that.

2. Vince Russo

-The only reason why Russo isn't no. 1 on this list is because he actually worked for a wrestling company for years. That's it. Really, this is just 1B to the 1A first choice, as they both are the most ridiculous champions ever in the wrestling world. I wish I could understand why this happened. I wish I could recall who the hell allowed this to happen besides Russo. I wish I gave a damn to discuss this more in depth to let you know just how bad this was, but I'm starting to block this out completely from my memory after I finish writing this. You should honestly do the same. If you ever run into someone who wants to discuss the Vince Russo WCW Title run or even brings this up, go very very far away from them and never return. Fuck Vince Russo.

1. David Arquette

-Do I really need to explain? Do I? No? Okay. Good. I won't. I will not. All I will say is that this was stupid and use to promote a fucking movie. They could have used a promo. A tag team match. Anything. They made David Arquette the WCW Champion. Why? I mean, seriously? WHY? WHY? WHY? Does anyone know? To make matters worse, after Arquette won the title, he ended up turning heel and helping Jeff Jarrett win the belt right after this. I mean, damn, it's bad enough that Arquette won the title, but to have him drop the belt to Jarrett and turn heel to help him win it? TOO DAMN FAR. Fuck WCW for even making this happen period. Arquette is the worst WCW Champion ever because not only did he win it for nothing, he wrestled and DROPPED IT TO JEFF JARRETT, who wasn't much better than he was (I mean Jarrett is an actual wrestler but still). WCW HAD to be ashamed of themselves. They had to be.



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