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Monday, August 28, 2017

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Eyes On WWE: 6 Greatest Wrestlers To Never Win The WWE Title

By @TrueGodImmortal

Today, we wanted to take a look at the greatest wrestlers to set foot in a WWE ring, but they just couldn't walk away with a title run. All of these men are legends, but for some reason, the WWE Title seemed to escape them through the years. Let's take a look at six of the best who never managed to win a World championship in the WWF/WWE.

6. Razor Ramon 

-The Bad Guy, Razor Ramon was truly deprived of a chance to be the man in the WWE. He was one of the most over wrestlers on the roster through his tenure and when he should have been winning world titles, he was feuding with Goldust, Diesel, 1-2-3 Kid, and holding the Intercontinental Title. He's a great IC Champ, but he definitely deserved a title run.

5. Owen Hart 

-It's a shame that the overall most talented Hart brother (I said it) didn't get a title run, but for some reason, Owen wasn't as marketable as Bret. Owen was a better heel, a better talker, and nearly equal to his brother in the ring, but aside from a small feud against Bret in 1994, Owen never got the shot to carry the World Title. He deserved at least one run.

4. Ted Dibiase 

-The Million Dollar Man is one of the most surprising names to never win a championship. He was close to winning it at Wrestlemania 4 before Randy Savage defeated him in the Finals for the vacant title, but the biggest title feud was missed out on in 1990 as Dibiase vs Hogan could have drawn big money and put Dibiase over the top as a legend. I always felt that Dibiase winning the title from Warrior and being champion heading into Wrestlemania 7 would have been a much better feud and match than what both men had. It's a shame Dibiase never got one title run.

3. William Regal 

-Though he wasn't the big money draw that people would have expected him to be, the truth be told, Regal deserved a short term title reign to give him a shot at carrying the torch. He was a great character, a great wrestler, and his facial expressions helped make his promos even better. Regal is a legend in the business and in my opinion, a WWE Title or World Heavyweight Title run during his Smackdown days would have been great.

2. Jake "The Snake" Roberts 

-The most sinister star in the WWF at one point, Jake Roberts is a legend and once again, during the Hogan era, he would have been a prime time heel feud for the title. His demons might be a big reason why he never won the title, but the fact remains, the WWF should have pulled the trigger once on a Jake title run. Jake vs Hogan or Jake vs Savage for the title would have been money, and I would have loved to see the culmination of a Jake Roberts vs Ultimate Warrior feud for the WWF Title.

1. Mr. Perfect 

-The best to never win the WWE Title. Period. These days, WWE decidedly gives title reigns to just about anyone (Jinder Mahal is a WWE Champion.... but not these guys....), but Mr. Perfect was robbed of a title run. 1990 was the year. He was a prime heel and easily one of the best wrestlers then. It was the Ultimate Warrior and Hogan show then, but Perfect would have been the smartest choice for champion without question. It's a shame he didn't get a run in WCW either, and if he would have stayed healthy during his return to WWE, a week long or month long reign could have been possible in 2002. Unfortunately, his story didn't end that way. It's a shame that we never saw a Perfect title reign, because the business deserved one.



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