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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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Eyes On WWE: Ranking Kurt Angle's Summerslam Matches

By @TrueGodImmortal

Kurt Angle isn't set to wrestle again (yet), but when he was an active competitor in the WWE, he was one of the best without question. From his arrival in 1999 to his departure in 2006, Angle had a lot of great moments and matches. Today, I wanted to look at his matches at Summerslam and rank them from the worst to best. It would be nice if Angle was to wrestle again at the Summer event, but maybe next year. With that being said, let's take a look at his matches.

6. Kurt Angle vs Eugene
Summerslam 2005

-If there was anyone who could get a good match out of Eugene, it was Angle. Still, this match wasn't really a fun one to watch, and though it was a solid contest, it didn't really draw me in. It was short, to the point, and slightly entertaining at times, but this match was beneath Angle and he deserved better at the event. Angle wins by submission fairly easily.

5. Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero
Summerslam 2004

-This match wasn't really a favorite for me, but many people loved it. I think Angle and Eddie work well together, and this match was a very solid contest, but something was missing from it. It played off of their match at Wrestlemania 20 so the psychology was there, but it was just something off about the bout. Eddie and Angle battled it out, but Angle would walk away victorious with the win by submission.

4. Triple H vs Kurt Angle vs The Rock
Summerslam 2000

-I would rank this higher, but honestly, Angle was missing for so much of the match. Aside from that, this is a great contest and it proved how tough Angle was to return after being knocked out early on and visibly suffering from a concussion. With three of the best in the business going at each other, you were bound to see something special and that's what you got here. Rock walks away victorious  and retains his WWF Title, but Angle showed his tenacity throughout this match.

3. Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle
Summerslam 2002

-The most underrated PPV match in the career of Kurt Angle if you ask me. Rey and Angle worked great together, and this match was no exception, as they crammed in such an explosive match in a small window of time. Rey brought the fight to Angle, and Angle came right back at him, with each man giving the other everything they could handle. They almost botched the finish, but aside from that, this match is flawless and one of the best Summerslam opening contests. Angle wins by submission.

2. Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle
Summerslam 2003

-This match was special and it seems to be underrated. Brock and Angle had great chemistry and this match showcased it on the highest level possible. They went at each other with everything they had, and with Brock as the heel, he would display a lot of offense. Angle would be able to keep up and match Brock move for move, eventually having a huge moment when Brock tapped out for the first time. To see Angle make Brock tap out was massive and only made Angle look like a million bucks in the process.

1. Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
Summerslam 2001

-A true classic. Angle and Austin had some good matches together in the past, but this was easily their best. Austin had turned his back on the WWF, joining the Alliance, while Angle stepped up for the WWF to be their new hero. This would result in a classic contest that saw Angle and Austin go at each other with vigor and aggression, and this is a rare time that I can say Austin might have outperformed Angle. Austin was at his best in this match and despite an indecisive finish, this is easily the best match that Angle has had at Summerslam. It's a flawless classic match that has an ending that actually makes sense. Angle should be proud.



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