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Monday, August 21, 2017

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Eyes On WWE: Why Braun Needs To Beat Brock

By @TrueGodImmortal

So, it's official. Instead of dragging things out to Wrestlemania 34 for a huge moment and match, the WWE is wasting a match between their two biggest monsters at a B-PPV, No Mercy. Truthfully, the fact of the matter is, this match should have been held off for Mania, as Braun is the most over star on RAW and he deserves a spot at the main event of Mania. The issue? WWE doesn't know how to book properly anymore. Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman is happening at WWE No Mercy on September 24th and while I'm excited to see these two behemoths go at it in the ring, it feels too soon. The question is, will Brock do what's right and put Braun over? That remains to be seen.

The fact remains, we need a Braun victory more than anything else right now. As confusing as WWE booking is, there's one thing that is obvious: two of the most over stars in the company right now are Samoa Joe and Braun. We saw the mistake the WWE made by booking Joe strongly and then having him lose to one single F-5, after 7 minutes. Certainly, WWE shouldn't make the same mistake twice... right? Well, we can never be sure with the WWE and their awkward booking. One thing is for sure, Braun Strowman  might be ready for the WWE Universal Title and he's ready to be the man. I know WWE likes to fuck up a good thing, and they seemed destined to do the same now, but the fact is, Braun has organically gotten over and has been booked well. He hasn't been pinned much in the WWE, he hasn't lost many matches, and in the Fatal Four Way at Summerslam, he was made to look very strong.

The issue is, WWE has the weirdest love affair with Brock Lesnar. Sure, he's over with the Brooklyn crowds and the crowds in general, but the fact remains, Brock is only used in limited time, so what good would a year long reign as champion do for the brand? No one, and I mean no one is excited about another Brock vs Reigns match, at Wrestlemania 34 at that. For the Universal Title at that. We can move on from this horrible idea. Brock needed a fresh face and a wrestler he can really go at for Mania making it feel fresh. Who is that currently on the WWE roster? I really don't know. Braun would have been the guy, but now they're doing the match far too early. Still, if this is what we have to do, Braun needs to go over. Brock will likely be gone until the Rumble after No Mercy, so why not put the belt on Braun, let him feud with some other guys like a Samoa Joe, finish his feud with Reigns, or even let him go against a guy like Seth Rollins, or Finn Balor. The fact remains, the time is now for Braun to step up and be given a shot to hold the top title on RAW.

If Brock retains, then what? A useless match for the belt at the Rumble after another 4 month absence, and then dropping the belt to Reigns in his 4th straight unnecessary Mania main event? No. No. Just no. There is nothing left for Brock to do as champion and the title doesn't benefit from him being the titleholder. How about making the Universal Title a regular thing on RAW again, with Braun as the champion, dominating until Wrestlemania where an unlikely contender emerges to challenge the monster after a dominant reign? It sounds so simple and makes so much sense, which is why it feels like WWE won't do it. If there's anyone who deserves to walk out of No Mercy as champion, it is not Brock Lesnar, it's Braun Strowman. Period. Do the right thing, WWE. For once.



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