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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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EOTR Tag Team Tuesdays: 5 Of The Best ECW Tag Teams

By @TrueGodImmortal

In the ECW days, tag team wrestling wasn't the central thing. It was important of course, but it didn't carry the company quite like the singles division. That notwithstanding, ECW gave us some legendary tag teams, and some underrated teams in general. Today, for Tag Team Tuesdays, I wanted to take a look at the 5 Best Teams in ECW history. There may be a few teams missing that you were a fan of, but these are the 5 greatest.

*The Dudley Boyz 

-When we look at ECW, there is one thing that sticks out about that company, and it's the ability to create stars from interesting circumstances. This is one of those interesting circumstances. The Dudley Boyz started from the infamous Dudley family of ECW that featured a number of members. D-Von and Buh Buh Ray (who had a kayfabe stuttering issue during this run) would eventually dispose of the rest of the family and become true heels and villains. There was nothing quite like the heat that the Dudleys got in their ECW days and they are the greatest tag team in ECW period as it stands. With multiple tag title reigns, controversial moments, and promos that could invite riots, there's no question that the Dudley Boyz deserve to be on this list.

*The Gangstas 

-The most controversial yet entertaining team on this list is without a doubt The Gangstas. It's not even close. They were a rare breed, inciting a lot of reaction due to their gimmick and apparently, New Jack really lived their gimmick. The Gangstas started out in SMW as heels, due to the nature of the south, but in ECW, they would become popular. They were aggressive, bringing in weapons like guitars, chairs, trash cans, and more all within shopping carts, taking the hardcore motto of ECW to heart. They would win the ECW Tag Team Titles twice before eventually breaking up. Still, their impact was felt and they would leave their mark on the company.

*Public Enemy 

-So, the gimmick for this team was horrible. They were white boys with the gimmick of loving and embracing the hip hop culture, but it just felt so forced. Still, the gimmick instantly worked with the ECW crowd and Public Enemy would end up getting over hugely in the company. Their first big feud for me was against the Gangstas which featured some brutal and gruesome matches that are among the best in ECW history. Public Enemy was a part of so many legendary moments in the history of ECW that there's no way you can mention the company without talking about them. They are ECW, just as much as the Dudley Boyz were. That's a fact.

*The Pitbulls

-One team that doesn't get enough credit in ECW is the Pitbulls. It's almost as if they are forgotten, but real ECW fans know what's up. The Pitbulls were tough, rugged, and of course, hardcore. Their run was seen as one of the best in ECW Tag Team history and with notable feuds against Public Enemy, Raven and Stevie Richards, and of course, The Eliminators, they made their presence felt. The only downside that could be used against them is that they only won the tag titles once, but that's a travesty, as the Pitbulls were one of the most popular acts in the history of the company and deserved at least another run or two. Still, the facts remain, the Pitbulls were a legendary team and they made ECW better.

*The Eliminators 

-Aside from the Dudley Boyz, this team might be the most decorated team in the company... without the controversy really. The Eliminators were hardcore but also solid in ring workers who came to entertain the fans without question. After catching fire in USWA, they would come to ECW and instantly get over, becoming a surprise top tier team. They were brought in to job to the Steiners at first, but a change of plans for Paul E. Dangerously instantly made them a sensation in the company. They were presented as an unstoppable force in the company and that's exactly how they were. They had a huge feud with The Pitbulls that made me pay attention to the company as a kid and their matches were mostly classic. Their feud lasted for about 6 months off and on, and then The Eliminators would go on to feud with teams like Cactus Jack and Mikey Whipwreck, The Gangstas, and more. The Eliminators were a great team in the company and there's no doubt that like the other teams on this list, they deserve to be here.



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