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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Eyes On NBA: 5 Best Off-Season Moments

By @TrueGodImmortal 

The NBA off-season has been fun.... but it's almost over. From the NBA Draft to the Summer League to Free Agency and everything in between, the off-season has given us some interesting moments, some strange moments, and some hilarious scenarios over the last three months. As the NBA gets ready to begin training camp And the preseason, what better way to get you ready for the season than a look at 5 of the best off-season moments. Let's get into it.

5. Lonzo Ball Wins Summer League MVP After Being Drafted To Lakers 

-Big Baller Brand is forever. The Ball Family is clearly forever. When Lavar Ball said that his son would be drafted by the Lakers as the no. 2 pick in the draft, many doubted him. When it all came true, he looked like a genius. Lonzo has been one of the most interesting parts of the NBA off-season, from his ridiculous comments to his random need to make hip hop music all the way to his success in the NBA summer league. Lonzo would win Summer League MVP, helping the Lakers to win the Summer League championship and slowly but surely, he's being given the keys to become the franchise in LA... at least for this season. Whether or not Lonzo has a monster rookie season, all eyes have been on him this entire off-season.

4. The Bulls Ruin The Franchise....Again 

-Color me shocked. The Chicago Bulls trade away their franchise player who just came off of his best season possible. With the news coming out that the Bulls had their eye on Kyrie and that he wanted to play with Jimmy Butler, this makes the whole scenario even dumber now. However, the Bulls decided to trade away Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Tinberwolves for a deal that was actually worse than what they offered the Bulls a year prior. Jimmy Butler would have been better suited in Chicago as the clear no. 1, but the Bulls didn't see a future there........ So they decided to trade him for an injured Zach Levine, a slightly higher first round pick in the draft, and Kris Dunn, a 2nd year guy coming off of a subpar rookie season. While many of the idiotic Bulls fans praised the move, the move guarantees the Bulls won't be in the playoffs for some years to come and they have little chance of attracting big names to the franchise, which spells the end of a mostly consistent run for the Bulls to the playoffs for the last 10 seasons.

3. Paul George Traded To OKC

-I'm glad the Pacers see potential in Victor Oladipo. However, what possibly could have possessed them to make THIS trade. I'm sure there were better options and I could have even seen the Bulls doing a straight up Butler for PG trade, even if it was only a one year rental. At least get something in return worthwhile. Instead, they got two players that won't be a factor in exchange for Paul George, a top tier player. Oklahoma City won this trade, as they got rid of an inconsistent player with a huge contract and rented one of the premier power forwards in the entire game to give Russell Westbrook some help. It'll be interesting to see what exactly occurs with PG in OKC and if he stays, and that reason alone makes this trade one of the biggest off-season moments.

2. Kevin Durant And His Moments 

-So. Try and keep up. The Finals MVP has been very busy. From a parade in his hometown to saying Kyrie was better than Iverson, all the way down to his stupid diss of his teammate Steph Curry's brand Under Armour, no one has had a more active off-season than the Finals MVP. The belief is that Durant is far too preoccupied with his haters and that's completely accurate. After releasing shoes to stunt on his haters, KD was revealed to have secret personal accounts on Twitter and Instagram that he uses to converse with fans on the low and to address trolls and haters. Yes, the move is immature, insecure, and a bit childish, but KD is human and mistakes like these might happen.... but it still is weird. Why be worried about the people who hated you or told you that you couldn't do it? Why not just ignore it and not feel the need for validation? No one knows and all these things make Kevin Durant's off-season that much more entertaining and intriguing.

1. The Fallout From The Kyrie Irving And Isaiah Thomas Trade

-So, the acquisition of Chris Paul by the Rockets wasn't a huge shock as many expected him to leave LA, neither was Gordon Hayward joining the Celtics. However, NO ONE saw this coming. At all. I would have expected Kevin Love to be traded before Kyrie Irving. However, Kyrie wasn't having it. He was ready to leave and with that, he decided to make a name for himself by stepping out on his own. After his trade request was heard, many speculated he would end up in New York, or even in San Antonio, but those options didn't make as much sense. The one option I never considered was Boston because they have a star player in IT, so why would they need to do it? However, Boston decided to make this trade and include Jae Crowder and an important pick in the trade as well. What followed in the wake of the trade was shit talking from an injured IT, many social media opinions, and the realization that there is no loyalty in sports business. The culmination of this entire thing is that we knew that Kyrie just didn't want to play with LeBron, and his recent interview on First Take drove that point home. The nonchalant attitude and the honesty from Kyrie helped make this trade even more official and make me want to see the opening game in less than a month for sure. Will Kyrie and the Celtics be better than Bron and the Cavs with IT? That remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, this season is going to be beyond entertaining.



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