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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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Eyes On NFL: Week 3 Games To Watch

By @TrueGodImmortal

Week 3 is amongst us. I would be lying if I didn't admit that the NFL season so far hasn't been that great. For some reason, the games weren't that great, and while it isn't likely we see a lot of great games this week, there are a few to keep your eyes open for. Let's take a look at those.

*Denver Broncos vs Buffalo Bills

-So, my bias is showing. This game shouldn't be that close, but you never know. The Broncos are coming off two solid wins, while the Bills look rather uneven in the games we've seen them in so far. Will Trevor Siemian have another solid performance and continue his growth as a QB? Will the Denver defense dominate once again? This alone makes it worth the watch. I have Denver winning in convincing fashion, but it could honestly go either way depending on how the defense shows up.

*Houston Texans vs New England Patriots 

-Technically, this game shouldn't even be close. However, the Patriots aren't as unstoppable as they once seemed. After a win over the terrible Saints defense, one has to wonder what will happen against a better Texans defense? Tom Brady had a great game in week 2, and I expect him to continue that. What happens if he doesn't? The Patriots fall to 1-2, and the Texans walk away with a huge upset. It's unlikely that the Texans will win, but I would definitely like to see it happen. For that reason alone, the game is worth watching.

*New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers 

-Let me be clear: The Saints are terrible. However, the Panthers are trying to find their form despite being 2-0. Can the Panthers improve? Will the loss of Greg Olsen really hurt them? Will Drew Brees finally turn those stats into a victory? While the Saints aren't a threat to win anything in the NFC South, it'll be very interesting to see how this plays out and if the Panthers can start the season with a 3-0 start, a far cry from how they started the season last year.

*Detroit Lions vs Atlanta Falcons

-In terms of the most competitive game of the week, this should be the one. Matthew Stafford and the 2-0 Lions against the defending NFC Champions and the reigning MVP, Matt Ryan and the 2-0 Atlanta Falcons. This is a big time game as both teams are undefeated and one will leave with a blemish on their season record. This could be a shootout and a tale of two defenses slugging it out, which could work in favor of the Falcons. Will the Lions walk away with the win or can the Falcons get the W and start 3-0 to help continue to try and wash away the memory of blowing that 28-3 Super Bowl lead.

*New York Giants vs Philadelphia Eagles 

-The Giants suck right now. They're at the bottom of the NFC East and need a win badly. Will they get one this week? Not if the Eagles have anything to say about it. The Eagles have a chance to surprise the world by taking a win and possibly moving into the top spot in the division. Eli Manning isn't looking too good so far in his first two games and even with the return of Odell, it doesn't seem like the Giants are going to do the damage expected. Will we see the Eagles and Carson Wentz pull out a big time victory and the Giants fall further? All signs right now point to yes, but one can never be too sure with a team as unpredictable as the Eagles. That makes the game intriguing to watch.

*Oakland Raiders vs Washington Redskins 

-This is the last game I'll discuss and I'm actually excited to see this one. The Raiders look pretty good and the Redskins bounced back and pulled out a solid win after a tough week 1 loss. While Washington doesn't look too impressive, they have a tough team that can fight until the end and win a game. The Raiders however are looking more and more comfortable on the field and with Marshawn Lynch getting accustomed once again to the football field and Derek Carr already looking like a MVP candidate again, I would bet on the Raiders winning this one, but not without a fight from the Redskins. This game looks easy to pick like all of the games on this list, but they all could go either way, which makes them so intriguing to watch.



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