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Monday, October 9, 2017

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EOTR Match Of The Week: Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect

By @Phranchize19

This month, we will be discussing Intercontinental Championship matches and what better way than to start off with this classic match.

Mr. Perfect had been Intercontinental Champion for a while and after wrapping up a feud with the British Bulldog, it was announced that former member of the Hart Foundation Bret Hart would be the number one contender.

The Match
Bret Hart keeps Perfect grounded with a series of headlock takedowns and a few pinning predicaments. Perfect would then go on the attack by taking Hart out of his game. The action would then spill outside where Perfect mostly maintained control. Once Bret got control of the match, he would set it up as if he was attempting a sharpshooter only to fake out Perfect and stomp on his gut. The newly acquired manager Coach would get involved only to be knocked out by Hart. While Hart was distracted, Perfect would regain control. Perfect would then hit the PerfectPlex only for Hart to kick out at two which was a rarity and I don't think anyone had done that at the time. Perfect would then try to leg drop Hart only to get trapped in the sharpshooter and forced to submit.

-The entire match because Perfect’s back was in pieces and he went out there and performed gracefully
-Perfect attempts to leave the match only for Hart to tear off his wrestling gear
-Perfect kicks the ring rope to low blow Bret Hart
-Perfect attempts a leg drop that gets reversed into a sharpshooter which is one of the best reversals I’ve ever seen

Grade and Analysis
This entire match was a testimony to how dedicated Mr Perfect was to this business. With a shattered back, he still went out there and gave the performance of a lifetime. The psychology was excellent as it showed the veteran champion vs the rising up and comer. Having Hart’s parents in the crowd was also a great piece of psychology. The moves performed in this match aren’t supposed to be done by a man with a bad back. Bret Hart also showed how great he would become with this breakout performance. Great match.

Rating: 10/10



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