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Monday, October 30, 2017

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EOTR Retro: What If Wade Barrett Won The WWE Title In 2010

By @AmeenKnows

Everyone's favorite game is a game of "What if?" and I've already gone into what if John Cena had stayed drafted to Smackdown a year after the topic of this story here. In 2010, Wade Barrett was experiencing, unfortunately, the biggest push of his career as the leader of the group of future up and comers, The Nexus. Now I don't have to tell you who they are because you know already but in November of 2010 Wade Barrett was blessed with two title shots at Randy Orton's coveted WWE Championship. The first he won by disqualification at Bragging Rights, but the title did not change hands.

In the midst of this potentially great storyline, John Cena was forced to join the Nexus after losing a match to Barrett at Hell in a Cell. So with Barrett's upcoming rematch at Survivor Series it was ultimately decided that John Cena would be named special guest referee. Leading up to the event it was Barrett who threatened to fire Cena if he didn't win the title. Cena being the goody goody two shoes he is, called the match down the middle and Randy Orton would go on to retain which means no job for Cena. That didn't last very long as Cena would go on to single handedly wash the Nexus and get his job back then, figuratively and literally, bury Wade Barrett before we kicked off 2011. But what if we could undo all that by having WWE pull the trigger on a Barrett title run? Just a year earlier, WWE had built up Sheamus to be a dominant monster and gave him a WWE Championship run by beating, guess who, John Cena. Shocking. Barrett had more Charisma, was a better talker and he could go in the ring so why not champion him?

So let's just say Barrett does win. That means Cena is no longer part of the Nexus and doesn't have to rampage on them to get his job back by making the group look sorry. Orton was a lackluster champion but he served a purpose for putting The Miz's Money in the Bank Cash In over. So in this hypothetical scenario we’re going to push that back. Orton is owed an rematch, Cena is still a foe and Miz is biding his time. Let's fix this by continuing the feud and booking Orton vs Barrett at TLC in place of Miz for the WWE Championship. Cena and Miz need something to do so we can have them stake their claim to the title in a segment and have them jumped by Nexus which sets up a Tag Team match between Miz and Cena and Two Nexus members. Now seeing as Barrett just won the title I don't want to take the belt off him just yet with a Miz cash in or Orton win so he leaves the arena with both his title run in tact and his group still thriving after Miz walks out on Cena for the win on Nexus's behalf.

Royal Rumble is coming up so a number one contender needs to be decided so I say we have a Triple Threat match that originally included Barrett, Sheamus and Orton and make it Cena, Miz and Orton. This also pushes back CM Punk's takeover of the Nexus so we'll get back to that. Let's say Cena wins here, Miz goes ballistic and attacks Orton setting up Miz and Orton at Royal Rumble. At RR, Nexus helps Cena retain and Miz cheats his way to beating Orton again. Eliminaton Chamber comes with Cena, Miz, Orton, Barrett, Punk and whoever else you wanna throw in for filler, say R-Truth. Miz gets eliminated early, Nexus comes to ringside and pass Punk a lead pipe that he uses to eliminate Barrett. Cena ends it by beating Punk and Miz cashes in after the Nexus jumps Cena again.

Punk comes out the next night and has a mic segment with Barrett. Punk explains that the Nexus was tired of being berated by Barrett who had become a dick to them after winning the WWE Championship. The Nexus comes out and Barrett gets jumped but escapes and he crosses over to Smackdown. Punk later in the night attacks Orton and their WrestleMania feud is right on track with 2 months in between for Orton to take out the New Nexus and Punk to explain his motivations. Miz cashed in on Cena so this means Cena can let go of the Nexus feud because the WWE title takes precedence over the Nexus which means their feud is on track and The Rock starts mocking them just a week later than he officially did which means everything is right on track for Mania. Barrett goes to Smackdown, starts the Corre and instead of Orton stealing the World Heavyweight Championship from Christian, its Barrett who does it after Extreme Rules, they feud for the summer and you have another star who's potential wasn't wasted.



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