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Thursday, October 12, 2017

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Eyes On NFL: Week 6 Games To Watch

By @TrueGodImmortal

Week 6 of the NFL season is upon us. We've seen some interesting things during the season, and with the middle of the season approaching, a lot of teams know where they stand going forward. While there aren't too many games that stick out this week as being possibly great, there are a few that will be interesting. Let's take a look at those.

*Philadelphia Eagles vs Carolina Panthers 

-This is one of the most interesting games for sure. With both teams coming into this one at 4-1, it'll be interesting to see what the outcome is. Carson Wentz is playing well, but the Panthers defense has provided some trouble for a number of quarterbacks so far this year and it could be the same for Wentz. On the other hand, Cam Newton is playing absolutely like the MVP and shows no signs of letting up. Will Cam end continuing his winning ways with another great performance? Or will the Eagles soar to another victory?

*Green Bay Packers vs Minnesota Vikings 

-I am usually not excited for NFC North battles and this isn't really much different. The Packers are 4-1 however, and with Sam Bradford back (I think Case Keenum will start likely), this game could get interesting. I would keep an eye on Stefon Diggs for the Vikings, but of course, the man to watch in this game is AR12, Aaron Rodgers. The Vikings defense is solid, but Rodgers breaks down defenses quite often. Can he do it again? All signs can seem to point to a yes, and for that reason alone, this game is one to look out for. Here's hoping Rodgers puts up 300 plus yards and at least 3 TDs.

*Detroit Lions vs New Orleans Saints

-In a way, this game has no business being on this list. The Lions, on paper, should be heavy favorites, as they've proven that they are a good enough time. However, Drew Brees is still Drew Brees and with the Adrian Peterson situation taken care of, perhaps the offense will flow much smoother. Matt Stafford will likely have a good game against this terrible Saints defense, but will it be enough? I would say yes, and I predict the Lions pull out the win in what should be a shootout.

*New England Patriots vs New York Jets 

-First things first, the Patriots defense is still terrible. Don't be fooled by the horrible field goal kicks and the miscues from Jameis, the Patriots should have lost to the Bucs. The Bucks had a touchdown overturned and missed about 4 field goals, most of which should have been easy to make. The Patriots secondary still hasn't found their niche yet, but perhaps they won't have to against the Jets. Surprisingly, both teams have the same record and I would have never guessed that would be the case going into week 6. However, the Jets and the Patriots could be interesting if the Patriots defense doesn't step up. I expect the Patriots to win, but wouldn't be surprised to see the Jets pull off an upset.

*Los Angeles Rams vs Jacksonville Jaguars 

-This game could very be one of the most intriguing of the season. I never expected either team to be where they are right now and that's with winning records. While that could all change by the next week or two, I still think this game could be interesting. Could the Jaguars defense slow down the production of the Rams offense, mainly Todd Gurley? Can Blake Bortles actually have a good game offensively for once? Can Jared Goff shine in this game? Who walks away from this game with the victory? Those questions are enough to make me tune in.

*Pittsburgh Steelers vs Kansas City Chiefs 

-Big Ben looks washed. He doesn't seem the same. While he can still manage to get some passes in, he hasn't looked great this season and father time might be calling him to the retirement land. Still, the Steelers have Le'Veon Ball and Antonio Brown, along with a solid defense, so you can't count them out. However, the Chiefs come into this game undefeated and with all the momentum in the world on their side. They could very well end up 6-0 in this game. Kareem Hunt is a beast, and Alex Smith is playing the best football of his career. Can the Chiefs maintain their undefeated run and defeat the Steelers? I think they will and they'll get a measure of revenge for what occurred in the playoffs last season. This is probably the most must see game of the week, as the Chiefs are still reigning as the best team in football until further notice.



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