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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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EOTR Match Of The Week: Bret Hart vs Diesel

By @Phranchize19

Survivor Series is over now, but I wanted to close out November with a look at one of the best matches at the PPV that wasn't a traditional Survivor Series match. Let's go back to 1995 and take a look at Bret Hart vs Diesel, the classic main event for Survivor Series.

At Survivor Series 1994, Bret Hart had lost the WWF title to Bob Backlund via forfeit. Coincidentally, Diesel turned face that same evening. Three days later, Backlund lost the WWF title to Diesel in 8 seconds. Diesel’s reign as champ would begin in 1994 and he would meet Bret Hart on 2 separate occasions for the WWF Title, once at the Royal Rumble and once at the 1994 King Of The Ring, when Bret was the champ. Each time, their encounters were good as Bret made Diesel work and pushed him to the limit. When Survivor Series 1995 arrived, we had their third PPV match. Let's look back at this match.

The Match
We start with both men taking the protective padding off of two of the turnbuckles. As the match began, Hart would attempt to go after the legs of Diesel but Diesel would take control throughly. Bret would attempt to slide out of the ring only for Diesel to come after him. Diesel would then bring the brutality into the match by striking Bret with a chair. Diesel would attempt a Jacknife powerbomb but Bret would block it then bite Diesel and slowly begin to take control. Bret would attack the legs of Diesel next. Bret would lock a figure four leglock in but then break it and get back on the attack of the legs. Diesel would then regain control but Bret would counter again and take control.

Bret would get a chair and while Diesel would block the first few attempts, Bret would eventually go to work on a tied up Diesel with a chair. Bret would literally wrestle Diesel while his leg was still tied. Diesel would finally counter and throw Bret Hart off the top rope. Diesel would untie his leg and proceed to take control of the match. Diesel would throw Bret into the exposed turnbuckle chest first. Bret Hart would again take control of the match but Bret couldn’t keep him down for a three count. Diesel would then take control and attempt his powerbomb on a seemingly lifeless Bret Hart but Bret would sucker him in and roll him up and get the three count to win the match and the title.

-Bret Hart gets thrown into exposed steel hitting the back of the head
-Bret would tie Diesel’s leg to the turnbuckle
-Diesel would knock Bret Hart off the ring apron into a table

Grade and Analysis
When you look at Kevin Nash’s career, he hasn’t exactly had many classics but this was one of them. Bret was one of the few that could make Diesel look great as well as bring out the best in him. Bret was such a magician in the ring and his ring psychology is one of the best ever if not the best. These two crafted a beautiful story and the Diesel heel turn at the end of the match was beautifully done. With a year of teasing it as well as showing signs of stress as WWF champ, he finally cracked.  The announce team of McMahon, Jim Ross and Mr. Perfect sold this story perfectly and the crowd was thoroughly engaged.

Rating: 10/10



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