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Sunday, November 26, 2017

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Eyes On NFL: The MVP Race

By @TrueGodImmortal

Here we are. The NFL season is winding down and the question is now coming up.... who should be the MVP this season? After 11 games for most of the teams in the book, it's honestly a toss up at the moment between two QBs, one of which has been here before, and the other, no one expected to get here, at least not this fast. However, you could also add a few other names to this discussion as well, which leads me to this small list of MVP candidates for this year. To be fair, you'll see a few candidates who likely won't win at all and a few possible candidates left off from winning teams (it's hard to pinpoint a true MVP for the Steelers and the Vikings can't seriously place faith in Case Keenum just yet), but for the most part, this is really a two man race at the moment, but anything can happen in the NFL over the next 5 weeks. Who will win MVP? Let's take a look.

*Todd Gurley

-A long shot? Yes. Deserving? Probably not of the award. But as far as the consistency goes, it's either Jared Goff or Gurley who deserve the credit for their huge success this year and the lead in the NFC West. The beauty of the NFL MVP award is that it changes so quickly due to the fact that one or two games can alter the entire race. Gurley has well over 1100 yards from scrimmage already and has been a huge factor in the Rams being successful. Will Gurley end up as the MVP? Doubtful, but his hard work this season can't be ignored and should at least be somewhat recognized.

*Cam Newton 

-This is a huge long shot.... a huge long shot. However, Cam has shown flashes of greatness and somehow, the Panthers are deadlocked in a tie for first place in what is currently the most competitive division, the NFC South. If the Panthers can win the division and obtain a top 4 seed in the NFC, there might be a discussion to be had about Cam and another MVP. Once again, I don't expect Cam to actually seriously be considered, as this is mostly a two man race, but much like in all sports, there have to be other choices on the outside. Cam hasn't been perfect, but if the Panthers could finish the season at 11-5 or even 12-4, Cam might deserve a mention at least.

*Drew Brees 

-Does Brees deserve MVP consideration? Maybe... but if we had to pick someone, perhaps Kamara deserves it a little more? No? Well, fine. Brees hasn't been his usual stat stuffing self, but it hasn't mattered. He still has over 3000 yards passing so far, and can likely hit over the 4000 yard mark before the season ends, and although his total number of touchdowns are below his average, the Saints are 8-3, and likely a playoff team if they can keep this up. Brees is a big part of that success, as evidenced by his heroics in a recent game against the Redskins. Will Drew Brees be a serious MVP contender? Probably not, but he deserves a little bit of discussion in the conversation.

*Tom Brady

-This is a broken record. Brady likely has a chance to win but I'll be honest, his consistency this season is the main reason why he should be given the top consideration. His numbers this season are amazing, and at 40, the way he controls the game is beyond belief. Where he loses this argument somewhat is the fact that the Patriots haven't shown too many flashes of greatness at times, and they should more likely be 7-4 than 9-2. However, their record seems to be better than the actual team this year, but much like the Cavs in the NBA this year, they'll likely be in the Super Bowl. Brady is the biggest reason for their success and any other year, he would be an easy and undisputed choice for MVP, but I just don't think this year is his year... though he has a big chance to win, there is one player who has rose up to become the man who could steal it from Brady and the front-runner at the moment.

*Carson Wentz

-Let's be honest... Wentz is the MVP and the award is his to lose at this point. While Brady has better numbers as I said, we can't forget that a lot of those early Patriots games saw their defense not get the job done, and the 9-2 Pats should probably be 6-5 or 7-4 heading into week 13. However, enough about Brady. It's time for Wentz now. This is his year and he's owning it. Success can be so fleeting in the NFL, but this year? Carson Wentz  is playing football at a much higher rate than anyone expected. Will Wentz continue playing well into the end of the season? If he does, he's the MVP. No one predicted the Eagles would be 10-1 and the no. 1 team in football, but here they are. They have a tough stretch going forward to close the season, but if they can come out of that with a few more wins and secure the no. 1 seed in the NFC, the MVP award will undoubtedly be his. The Patriots and Brady are exactly where we expected them to be, but the Eagles have exceeded that, exceeded the Patriots and then some. As of now, the MVP award will go to Carson Wentz, but as we know... anything is possible in the NFL.



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