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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

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Eyes On NFL: Week 17 Games To Watch

By @TrueGodImmortal

This is it. After everything that's transpired in the NFL season so far, from the kneeling controversy  (funny how that went away quickly) to the numerous injuries, it all comes to an end for a majority of teams. With the playoffs lurking and so close, I wanted to take a look at the games that matter this week. Most of the playoff spots have been solidified and the divisions have been decided, except one. The AFC West, South, East, and North have all been won. The NFC West, East, and North have all been won. The only division that hasn't been decided? The NFC South, the most competitive division this year. This week will decide that division, as well as a few of the final playoff spots. So, what games should you be tuned into? Let's take a look.

*Jacksonville Jaguars vs Tennessee Titans 

-This game is important for one reason: if the Jaguars win, the Titans don't make the playoffs. The Jaguars want to keep their momentum up for the playoffs, so they likely want to play their starters to make sure they are a bit rusty for the Wild Card, but the facts are, the Jaguars are having a bigger year than any of us expected. The Jaguars want to bounce back due to that 49ers loss, and they definitely seem like they have a focus heading into this week. Their defense will be interesting to watch against Marcus Mariota, who has an opportunity to make the playoffs after coming so close last year. Who wins? My money is on the Jaguars here.

*Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins 

-The Bills are in the playoff picture and could end up in their with a win over the Dolphins, a Chargers' loss, and a loss by the Titans. As crazy as that sounds, I actually expect them to get the win here and possibly make the playoffs. However, if karma is dictating the fate of this team, they will NOT walk away with any victory due to the one game where they benched Tyrod Taylor for no reason essentially. Still, in this game? I predict the Bills pull it off. Whether or not they make the playoffs is another story.

*Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks 

-The final NFC playoff spot is up for grabs and it is literally two teams vying for it. The Seahawks should have an advantage going into this one, as the Cardinals haven't looked great all season, and with their playoff hopes on the line, it seems as if the Seahawks have continued to rise to the occasion. While it is strange not seeing them already clinched for a playoff berth, I will say that the Seahawks are still in a good position, and if Russell Wilson has anything to say about it, the Seahawks will win this game and move on to what's next, which is hopefully a playoff berth for them.

*Carolina Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons 

-The most important game of the week. For the Panthers, a win could mean they take their division. For the Falcons, a win could mean they are in the playoffs. For both teams, a lot is at stake. The Panthers, who have struggled at times with the Falcons, might want to take this game even more seriously than before, as a possible Falcons playoff berth could signal an issue for the Panthers in the postseason. Still, I feel like the Falcons will pull this off, as they seem hungry, but the biggest question mark will be whether or not the Falcons will have Julio Jones at full strength as he missed practice once. If Julio is healthy, the Falcons should see a victory. If the Panthers have any luck, Julio won't be effective and they can coast to a win. My money however is on the Falcons.

*New Orleans Saints vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

-This game only matters because it will likely decide the fate of the NFC South. Will the Saints get it together and make something happen? Will they be able to hold off the disgruntled Bucs who have to be disappointed in their season? I think they might. However, with the Saints comfortably in a playoff spot, they might not play as tough, while the Bucs want to leave their lasting impression for the season with a statement win, so it is entirely possible we see the Bucs sneak away with a victory in this game. For me, I think the Saints pull it off, but I'm not 100% sold on that. Still, this last week should be fun for football. I'll be tuned in, as should you.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

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EOTR Tag Team Tuesdays: The Mega Powers

By @TrueGodImmortal

Last week, I took a look at the tag teams of the 80s and I left off a team that was my favorite makeshift team during the era. While I wasn't quite born or alive by the time they actually became allies, years later through the benefit of Coliseum Video, I was able to relive the greatness of the Mega Powers, Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. While both Hogan and Savage were top stars as singles wrestlers, I never would have expected them to become a tag team and partners. At the time, Savage was a heel, transitioning to a tweener role, and of course, Hogan was Hogan. With these two stars being on different paths, it would take a random encounter to occur before they would be able to combine forces and when I say random, it really was the most random beginning of a pairing. There hadn't been any buildup or teasing of a friendship budding between the two men before Saturday's Night Main Event would give us an iconic moment.
Savage would attempt to get the Intercontinental Title back from Honky Tonk Man in the early fall of 1987, but his attempt was thwarted on an episode of SNME by interference from the Hart Foundation. After Miss Elizabeth was pushed by Honky Tonk Man, she retreated and for some reason, returned with Hulk Hogan in tow to save the day. Hogan would help clean house and then Savage would extend his hand out of respect for what Hogan did. They would shake hands and become instant allies there, and for many, this was a match made in heaven. 

Hulkamania and Macho Madness were two of the most important things in the WWF at the time, and with Savage trying to make the transition into the top tier face role, who better to have at his side than Hogan, the star of the company. After these two would make themselves allies, Hogan and Savage teamed up numerous times on house shows, mostly in six man tag matches against the likes of The Hart Foundation, Honky Tonk Man, Rick Rude, King Kong Bundy, and more. Their next big televised moment came right before Wrestlemania 4, on SNME, as Hogan would once again save Randy from an attack, this time at the hands of Andre The Giant, Virgil, and Ted Dibiase.

At Wrestlemania 4, Hogan would help Savage overcome the odds and defeat Ted Dibiase to win the WWF Title tournament and become the new WWF Champion. In retrospect, The Mega Powers only existed so that Hogan could be close to the title and not away from the main event scene, as Savage really felt like a secondary star even as the champion. Still, these two powerhouses complemented each other well, and when Savage and Hogan were on screen together, there was a lot of chemistry between the two. This would lead them to their official televised tag team debut on Summerslam 1988, as the Mega Powers went toe to toe with the Mega Bucks, Andre The Giant and Ted Dibiase. The match is one of the most infamous Summerslam main events and rightfully so, as Miss Elizabeth stripping down was controversial for the time, but most fans weren't complaining at all. Hogan and Savage would win and continue rolling on, but something was brewing big time. After the next few months, we would start to see tension rise between the two men as Hogan became more friendly with Miss Elizabeth, making Savage rightfully jealous.

At Survivor Series 1988, we would see Hogan and Savage lead a team that would face a team led by the Twin Towers, Big Bossman and Akeem. Hogan and Savage would win the match, but visibly, we could see the wheels turning. It seemed like the plan was now for Hogan and Savage to eventually split. Lost in all of this Mega Powers nonsense is that essentially, Savage was WWF Champion, and he spent all of the big events in the shadow of Hogan as a tag team instead of headlining the shows on his own. That would likely also be a real life reason for tension, but for the most part, during their feud with the Twin Towers, it was swept under the rug while teasing the eventual breakup. After another incident at the Royal Rumble 1989, the breakup would finally come to a head during an episode of The Main Event, a special on NBC. After Savage left Hogan to fend for himself in a tag team match, Hogan would attempt to reason with Savage and Elizabeth. While Elizabeth was understanding, Savage responded by attacking Hogan in the locker room and officially ending the Mega Powers after a little over a year.

While the Mega Powers aren't a team with longevity like Demolition, Hart Foundation, and many others, anytime you take the two biggest stars and put them together, you're bound to have something special. For the most part, The Mega Powers were everything we expected and more, and it all led to an epic clash between Hogan and Savage at Wrestlemania 5, which is one of my favorite Randy Savage matches and easily one of the best Hulk Hogan matches in the WWF. The Mega Powers were an important tag team in the late 80's, showing how two great singles stars can combine for an alliance.


Monday, December 25, 2017

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Eyes On WWE: Who Should Win The 2018 Royal Rumble

By @TrueGodImmortal

The Royal Rumble is coming soon. In about a month or so, the WWE will host the Royal Rumble yet again, and apparently there will be two Royal Rumble matches for the first time ever. While the men's Royal Rumble is making another appearance, the first time ever Women's Royal Rumble will take place this year. While both Rumbles have the potential to be interesting, the scariest thing about the WWE now is their decision making. It's been that way for quite some time. With that being said, one has to wonder what their plan will be going forward with these two matches. Will we see surprise entrants for both? Who wins? Who will be the final four? Well that leads us to this discussion. Who should win the 2018 Royal Rumbles? Let's take a look at each Rumble and give a list of who should.

The Women's Royal Rumble
While we could say that this is a bad idea, and I don't doubt that it could be a bad match, what impresses me about this is that this is the first time in WWE history where they've had enough women on the roster to pull it off. The number of women around in the WWE is special and the fact remains, there are a number of surprises in store for this first ever Rumble. I think we'll see a legend or two return for this match perhaps like a Trish Stratus or even Lita. I think we could see the debut of Ronda Rousey as well, as it is the perfect time to do so. Who should win the Women's Royal Rumble? Let's take a look. I have four picks. I'll eliminate a few choices just like I'll do for the men's Royal Rumble. I don't think any NXT woman should win, nor should Natalya, Naomi, Bayley, or Mickie James. Here are my choices to win (and also my final four). 

*Sasha Banks
-I think Sasha definitely should be able to walk away with a victory here as she is overdue for another title reign that isn't actually 2 or 3 weeks. However, I don't expect Sasha to get a win, but I do hope they allow her to be one of the final four women and get eliminated last or second to last. Alexa Bliss will soon drop the Women's Title, but the question is, who will be the challenger come Wrestlemania. If Asuka is the champion come Mania, then I would love Sasha to win this and be the challenger for the RAW title. Chances of that happening however? Unlikely.

*Becky Lynch
-There is only one choice over on the Smackdown side to win the Rumble and it is simply Becky Lynch. Ruby Riott isn't ready and I don't think that she has the tools to carry the division and defeat Charlotte. I think the best possible match for Smackdown at Mania is Charlotte vs Becky, but the truth is, we really don't know what to expect. Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte could end up being the match they go with for whatever reason, but truthfully, Charlotte vs Becky is the way to go. If they want to surprise the world and have a sleeper pick win, Becky is the one who should take it.

-I think this is a likely choice, though I see her winning the title before Mania. I think the plan is to go with Asuka vs Paige, but getting to that point is the part that really is tough to figure out. Will Paige be champion? Will Asuka be champion? I think it is likely for Paige to dominate this Rumble with the rest of her squad, until they are left to pick the bones of what is left of Asuka. Either Paige gets rid of Asuka (Paige's partners will have been eliminated prior but come back to help out), or Asuka overcomes the odds. Regardless, if I had to pick the final two of this match, I would go with Asuka and Paige.

-The clear cut choice. There doesn't need to be much of an explanation in terms of that, but the truth of the matter is, if anyone should win easily, it is without a doubt Asuka. Her momentum needs the biggest boost possible, and she remains undefeated. The plan should be to protect her at all costs and to make sure she doesn't lose any time soon. If anyone should enter the Rumble at no. 1 or 2 and finish as the winner, she is the choice. While these other ladies listed are good choices, simply put, the winner has to be and should be Asuka.

The Men's Royal Rumble
This one is a little different. There are two choices to me and those choices more than likely won't be the one who wins. The WWE might force us to see another unnecessary win from John Cena or Roman Reigns... or even Randy Orton.... AGAIN. While I hope that's not the case, let me give my choices for the final four and who they should be.

*Sami Zayn 

-It is simple: AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn for the WWE Title. This would only be achieved by Sami winning the Rumble and Nakamura winning the title at Fastlane while AJ cashes in his rematch at Mania. I don't see this happening honestly, so with that being said, I think Sami won't win, but I can see him eliminating Owens or not being able to save Owens then getting tossed out by one of the other final four. Still, Sami winning would be really interesting and I wouldn't be mad at that at all.

*Samoa Joe 

-Unlikely, but a 20 minute Brock vs Samoa Joe title match would be better than that piece of shit 6 minute PPV match they gave us in the summer. I don't want to see another Brock vs Reigns match and I'm not alone in that so perhaps it is time to switch things up. Joe vs Brock 2 could be bigger than Reigns vs Brock 2 if done right. Joe is over, he's a strong heel, and a Rumble win gives him the momentum that he truly needs. Can WWE finally do something right? I doubt it.

*Finn Balor  

-This man is one of the most over stars in the entire company and truth be told, there's no denying that he deserves a title shot since he's never got his Universal Title shot, but for some reason, WWE just doesn't want to give him the green light. Or could they be leading us on to think they don't want to give him the shot only to change course and give Balor a huge surprise win at the Rumble. Unlikely, but once again, this is who SHOULD win, not the most likely. Balor deserves a win for being consistent, and the story behind Balor vs Brock would be great to see unfold. Will WWE pull the trigger on this? I doubt it, but the truth of the matter is, he should be the last man eliminated if not the last man standing.

*Shinsuke Nakamura  

-Last but certainly not least. This is the most likely choice. It's the only choice outside of Balor. Nakamura is the man. There is only one choice for the Wrestlemania main event and it is AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura. I would love to see Nakamura enter at no. 2 or 3 and last through the entire match. The final image we should see at the end of the Rumble is simple: Nakamura punching his ticket to Wrestlemania by outlasting 29 other men. Simply put, NXT alumni should stand tall for both Rumbles, with Asuka and Nakamura, two former NXT champions, raising their hands in victory.


Sunday, December 24, 2017

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EOTR Match Of The Week: Batista vs Eddie Guerrero

By @Phranchize19

Continuing our theme of Ruthless Aggression main event matches, we have an undefeated gem for you this week. Let's take a look at Batista vs Eddie Guerrero for the World Heavyweight Championship at No Mercy 2005.

Batista would be drafted to Smackdown as the World Champion. Eddie Guerrero had finished a feud with Rey Mysterio and would earn a shot at the World Title. Eddie would try to convince people that he turned over a new leaf. Many would be skeptical of this new Eddie, including the World Champion. Eddie would parlay that he and Batista were friends even though they were going to have a World Title match. Batista would lay down the law that if Eddie betrayed him, he would get hurt.

The Match
The match begins with a stare down and a bit of chain wrestling. The feeling out process would continue until Eddie tried to pin Batista. We would see Batista use his strength in a knuckle lock. Batista would maintain control until Eddie rolled out of the ring. Batista would again maintain control until Eddie picked up the aggression. Batista would again maintain control with a headlock until the action picks up. Batista would get a near fall and Eddie again rolls outside the ring. Eddie would grab a steel chair but then throw it down. Batista would not take this kindly and grabbed Eddie by the throat. Eddie would counter which would lead to a frog splash. Eddie would only get a near fall but he would maintain control in the match with a body scissors. While Batista would try to come back, Eddie would attack the back again to maintain control. Eddie would take the turnbuckle off and think about using it but thought against it and dropkicked Batista in the face. Eddie would maintain control until Batista's power would take over but Eddie would dropkick the leg of Batista. Batista would try to roll up Guerrero, but would only get a two count. Eddie would get back into the driver seat of this match soon after. Eddie wouid accidentally run over the referee and after seeing both the ref and champ down, Eddie would then give that sly grin and grab a chair, but then Eddie would again think it over and would throw out the chair. Batista would see Eddie with the chair and would then go on the attack. Batista would attempt a Batista Bomb but he could not execute and instead executed a spine buster. Eddie would kick out of a pin attempt. Eddie would get control again and execute the Three Amigos. Eddie would then attempt a frogsplash but Batista moves and executes the spinebuster and then he would get the three count.
Fact: Eddie was actually set to defeat Batista to become World Champion at another PPV rematch but he would tragically pass away.

-Eddie Guerrero gives his Lie, Cheat and Steal grin with both the ref and Batista down
-Eddie frogsplash on the back of Batista
-Eddie shakes Batista’s hand after the match but once Batista turns his back we see the grin

Grade and Analysis
This match was a gem. Batista was still learning as a main event star and Eddie was the perfect person to teach him what to do. Batista led a lot of this match surprisingly and he did a good job. The story of Eddie turning over a new leaf gave this story an extra wrinkle that it needed. Eddie played his role perfectly and he shined. The crowd was hot for both of these men to win the match. A few beats away from it being a true classic but a VERY solid outing nonetheless.

Rating: 8/10


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

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Eyes On NFL: Week 16 Games To Watch

By @TrueGodImmortal

With the NFL regular season season almost at the end, the playoff picture is almost set. The only thing that hasn't been set officially are the first round byes (aside from the Eagles) and some of the seeding. For now, a number of the teams are all set and the rest of the games this season are mostly pointless, but there are a few that have some significance. Which games are those? Let's take a look.

*Los Angeles Rams vs Tennessee Titans

-This game matters for two reasons. The Rams can lock up the NFC West with a win and be one step closer to a possible first round bye if everything goes the way it needs to for them. I'm sure they'll settle just for the NFC West title, but they face a Titans team that is struggling to make it into the playoffs. The thing about this game is that while the Rams are hungry and ready for more wins, the Titans are just as hungry for the playoffs. It all depends on how Mariota and the rest of the boys play, but if I had to bet my money on one of these teams, I would side with the Rams. The more momentum they continue to build, the better. Plus, who can stop Todd Gurley? Not this Titans defense. 

*New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills 

-This game has little significance to the Patriots. They are the no. 1 seed in the AFC as expected, and have locked up yet another division title. By now, this is a cakewalk for them. However, they have been very lucky this season for a number of their wins and hungry teams have pushed them to the limits. With the Bills so close to locking up a playoff spot, they will come out and give it all they have to try and get a win. Can the Bills pull it off? I think it's very possible that they can, but the Patriots seem to be in rhythm for the postseason and I have to go with Brady to pull it off. However, you can't count the Bills out entirely.

*Atlanta Falcons vs New Orleans Saints 

-This is the most important game on the entire schedule this week. With the Falcons and Saints both vying for the NFC South crown with the Panthers also in the hunt, this game could be a determining factor in the division and in the playoffs. A win for the Saints puts them in prime position, while a win for the Falcons keeps their hopes alive for a playoff berth. The fact three of the NFC South teams could make the playoffs is crazy, but nothing is promised. I think the Saints will end up winning this game, putting the Falcons in jeopardy for the playoffs, and the only reason why I see the Saints winning is because of their Ingram and Kamara tandem, alongside the fact that the Falcons have barely escaped with victories the last few weeks mostly. So with that, I'm going with the Saints.

*Seattle Seahawks vs Dallas Cowboys 

-Ezekiel Elliott is back. The Cowboys are barely in the playoff hunt. The Seahawks need a win. The Cowboys need a win. Both teams want to keep their playoff hopes alive, but the Seahawks are admittedly banged up and rely too much on Russell Wilson to make it happen for them. Still, I think Zeke will likely be a tad off in this game, which may shock some. I think you're due to see the Seahawks step up big time and Russ will have an amazing game, exposing the Cowboys and their secondary. The game will be close, but I think the Seahawks keep their playoff hopes alive, and kill the Cowboys hopes of the playoffs with a big victory.

*Pittsburgh Steelers vs Houston Texans 

-Why does this game matter? Two reasons. One, the Steelers won't have Antonio Brown and they probably need this win more than anyone this week because of this. The first round bye would come in handy for them in the event they can secure it. However, with Joe Haden returning for the Steelers, as well as the offensive strength that they have, this should end in a victory for the Steelers. A win here should lock up the first round bye and of course, they'll lock up the AFC North. The Texans are playing for nothing really, so I think this game ends with a victory for the Steelers. The season officially ends next week, so it'll be interesting to see how things shape up this week for Week 17.


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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EOTR Tag Team Tuesdays: 5 Legendary Tag Teams Of The 80's

By @TrueGodImmortal

The 80's were an interesting time in wrestling. While Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were huge in the business, one aspect of the industry that was alive and well was tag team wrestling. Today, I wanted to take a look at 5 legendary teams from the 80s in the WWF and what made them so legendary. Let's get into it.

*The Rockers 

-Whether they were in AWA or WWF, the tandem of Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels were high flying and fun to watch. These two were different for their time, as they were two wrestlers who were on the same path and had mostly the same high flying style, unlike the power and technical prowess of The Hart Foundation, the hard hitting style of The Brain Busters, the power of The British Bulldogs, or the smash style of Demolition. They were the perennial high flying team of the WWF and they excelled at just about everything they did.

*Hart Foundation 

-Anytime you can have one of the greatest wrestlers ever alongside one of the best powerhouses of the era, you have something special. In terms of the tag team division at the time, there was no one better than the Hart Foundation. Bret Hart and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart were at the top of the mountain and they were regulars in the tag team title picture. Whether feuding with The British Bulldogs or Demolition, they delivered time and time again. They are my all time favorite team from the 80's and a top 5 team of all time without question.


-One of the better teams of the decade has to be one of the longest reigning champions ever. Though their gimmick wasn't my favorite, it's hard to deny Ax and Smash and what they did. They were a viable team that would go at anyone in their path and throughout their time in the WWF, they were at the top of their game. The most memorable feud for this team IMO was against The Hart Foundation. Demolition is a legendary team and they easily are one of the greatest of the 80's.

*The British Bulldogs 

-Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid were two of a kind. They had some great moments, and most of them came in the 80's. They were a strong team with a lot of fire within and they would deliver every time they were in the ring. The truth is, their best moments in the ring came across from their greatest opponents, the Hart Foundation. Sometimes their legacy goes underrated as a team but for the most part, they are recognized as the true legends they were. The British Bulldogs aren't just one of the greatest from the 80's, they are one of the greatest ever.

*The Brain Busters

-Arn Anderson. Tully Blanchard. Two great solo performers who were amazing as a duo. They were the team that became the central influence for teams of today like The Revival, as they were no frills, no bullshit, and they were ready for any challenger. I think they are one of the most underrated legendary teams, as they were unique for the era in a way, and without the fancy gimmicks. They were a hard hitting team who were ready for any fight, and they definitely were one of the best of the decade in the WWF and beyond.