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Sunday, December 24, 2017

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EOTR Match Of The Week: Batista vs Eddie Guerrero

By @Phranchize19

Continuing our theme of Ruthless Aggression main event matches, we have an undefeated gem for you this week. Let's take a look at Batista vs Eddie Guerrero for the World Heavyweight Championship at No Mercy 2005.

Batista would be drafted to Smackdown as the World Champion. Eddie Guerrero had finished a feud with Rey Mysterio and would earn a shot at the World Title. Eddie would try to convince people that he turned over a new leaf. Many would be skeptical of this new Eddie, including the World Champion. Eddie would parlay that he and Batista were friends even though they were going to have a World Title match. Batista would lay down the law that if Eddie betrayed him, he would get hurt.

The Match
The match begins with a stare down and a bit of chain wrestling. The feeling out process would continue until Eddie tried to pin Batista. We would see Batista use his strength in a knuckle lock. Batista would maintain control until Eddie rolled out of the ring. Batista would again maintain control until Eddie picked up the aggression. Batista would again maintain control with a headlock until the action picks up. Batista would get a near fall and Eddie again rolls outside the ring. Eddie would grab a steel chair but then throw it down. Batista would not take this kindly and grabbed Eddie by the throat. Eddie would counter which would lead to a frog splash. Eddie would only get a near fall but he would maintain control in the match with a body scissors. While Batista would try to come back, Eddie would attack the back again to maintain control. Eddie would take the turnbuckle off and think about using it but thought against it and dropkicked Batista in the face. Eddie would maintain control until Batista's power would take over but Eddie would dropkick the leg of Batista. Batista would try to roll up Guerrero, but would only get a two count. Eddie would get back into the driver seat of this match soon after. Eddie wouid accidentally run over the referee and after seeing both the ref and champ down, Eddie would then give that sly grin and grab a chair, but then Eddie would again think it over and would throw out the chair. Batista would see Eddie with the chair and would then go on the attack. Batista would attempt a Batista Bomb but he could not execute and instead executed a spine buster. Eddie would kick out of a pin attempt. Eddie would get control again and execute the Three Amigos. Eddie would then attempt a frogsplash but Batista moves and executes the spinebuster and then he would get the three count.
Fact: Eddie was actually set to defeat Batista to become World Champion at another PPV rematch but he would tragically pass away.

-Eddie Guerrero gives his Lie, Cheat and Steal grin with both the ref and Batista down
-Eddie frogsplash on the back of Batista
-Eddie shakes Batista’s hand after the match but once Batista turns his back we see the grin

Grade and Analysis
This match was a gem. Batista was still learning as a main event star and Eddie was the perfect person to teach him what to do. Batista led a lot of this match surprisingly and he did a good job. The story of Eddie turning over a new leaf gave this story an extra wrinkle that it needed. Eddie played his role perfectly and he shined. The crowd was hot for both of these men to win the match. A few beats away from it being a true classic but a VERY solid outing nonetheless.

Rating: 8/10



  1. What an exciting match that was! In the second half it got more exciting and nail biting.Literally enjoyed every bit of it.Both Batista and Eddie Guerrero played so well.