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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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EOTR Tag Team Tuesdays: 4 Great WWE Tag Team Matches In 2017

By @TrueGodImmortal

2017 was a great year for tag team wrestling overall. Many teams battled over the year to give us great match and amazing action. Today, for Tag Team Tuesday, I wanted to look at some of my favorite tag team matches of the year in WWE. WWE gave us a number of solid tag team matches and while I won't talk about all of them, I will mention 4 of my favorites, two of which feature the same team. Let's take a look.

*The Usos vs New Day
Smackdown Tag Team Titles
Hell In A Cell 2017

-Anytime you put two of the best teams in the ring together and inside the cell, you're due to get something classic. This was no different. The Usos and New Day had been going toe to toe for months and this was the end of their feud. You'll see these two teams on this list again, but I'll be honest, this might their best match this year. For The New Day, it seemed as if this match was theirs to win, but The Usos weren't going down without a fight. From start to finish, this was a brutal match with a ton of great back and forth action inside of the toughest structure in the WWE. There were plenty of near falls in this match as well, which made for an exciting buildup to the eventual finish, which saw The Usos walk away with the victory and the tag team titles.

*The Authors Of Pain vs The Revival vs DIY
NXT Tag Team Titles
NXT Takeover Orlando 

-Of all the match this year.... This might be my favorite. The three best teams in NXT at the time went at it in a triple threat tag team match for the titles and they didn't disappoint. This is definitely the best match of the Authors Of Pain's short WWE career so far and a lot of that credit has to go to the Revival and DIY. With an elimination stipulation added to this match, it allowed for DIY to be eliminated early as a surprise and shock to me, while still setting the tone for a future battle between AOP and DIY. The best part of this match was the fact that the first elimination didnt come until 20 minutes into the match, that way when DIY got eliminated, it didn't feel early or seem like a burial. The Revival would be eliminated and lose the match, moving onto the main roster and starting the next chapter. The Authors of Pain however would retain their titles and walk away with their hardest fought victory in their best match to date in WWE. If you've never seen this match before, please do yourself a favor and check it out. It's a must see.... and a NXT classic.

*Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro And Sheamus
RAW Tag Team Titles
Summerslam 2017

-I have to make a mention of the best RAW feud for tag teams. This feud was pretty good and it seems like it won't be ending anytime soon. Rollins and Ambrose are a top tier team together and when this match was made, I think we knew exactly what was coming. Rollins and Ambrose were obviously going to win the tag titles, but the journey to arrive to this point was the fun of it all. This is the best tag team match of the year to me from the RAW brand and the crowd was hot for this one. With a few near falls, as well as some great moments of action, the crowd was pensive and waiting for the big moment to come. After hitting their respective finishers, Seth and Dean would get the victory and win the tag titles together, adding to their great legacies as The Shield and individually. This match was amazing even with a shorter time.

*The Usos vs The New Day
Smackdown- September 2017
Las Vegas Street Fight

-This match didn't even get a long time, but in the 14 minutes of action we got, they did a lot. The Usos had just won the tag titles back and they were ready to put an end to The New Day after winning the right to pick the stipulation. They chose a Las Vegas Street Fight and unfortunately, it would not work out well for them. The Usos would lose this match and the tag team belts, but in such a short window of time, these two teams proved why they are the cream of the crop. The Usos would end up walking away without their belts, but they could hold their heads high due to the effort they put in. The Usos vs The New Day is the feud of the year, and matches like these are the reason why. They made tag team wrestling so fun, just like the other matches and teams listed here.



  1. EOTR Tag Team Tuesdays: 4 Great WWE Tag Team Matches In 2017', no doubt all these matches are really the amazing one and thank you for posting this for us.