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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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Eyes On NFL: Week 14 Games To Watch

By @TrueGodImmortal

As the playoffs and the end of the regular season get closer and closer, it's only right we return with a look at Week 14 and these huge games that will go down this week. While there are some games that won't matter as much, there are plenty of games that do matter and those are the ones we will focus on here. Division rivalries, jockeying for playoff positioning and more, this week is a pivotal week in the NFL. Let's take a look.

*New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta Falcons

-This is a huge game for the NFC South. The Saints are 9-3 and they have all the momentum in the world. Brees isn't the same QB we have come to know, but Ingram and Kamara have picked up the slack for the offense and their defense has played much better than the first few weeks. The Falcons are struggling some, but they have one last shot at the playoffs and this game is the one. If they can pull off a win here, they stay alive in the hunt. If the Saints win, they are pretty much out of the picture, or at least their road to make the playoffs from 7-6 with the type of schedule they have is going to be extremely tough. This game is big for both teams as the Saints would inch closer to a NFC South title with a win, and the Falcons keep their playoff hopes alive with a win.

*Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders 

-This game could end up being the determining factor in who wins the AFC West. These teams are tied for the no. 1 spot with the Chargers and both teams need a win. Expect both teams to play their hardest and go as hard as possible here. I don't know who will walk away with the win, but the Chiefs have to turn it around after a long losing streak, while the Raiders are building momentum. It'll come down to who wants it more, and with playoff possibilities riding on a game like this one, this should be a classic. 

*Minnesota Vikings vs Carolina Panthers 

-This game means a lot for both teams. It really does. The Vikings are at the top of the NFC. The Panthers are still in the Wildcard. Home field advantage in the playoffs is important and the Vikings inch closer to it and lock up their NFC North title with a win here. For Case Keenum and their offense, they need to exploit the Panthers defense. For the Panthers, Cam Newton has to play well and their defense has to step up. For the Panthers, a win here keeps their NFC South title hopes alive and also keeps them in the playoff hunt. The Vikings are solidified almost in the playoffs now, but a win here makes them ahead of the pack. Big game for both.

*Philadelphia Eagles vs Los Angeles Rams 

-This game is huge. Two of the most exciting teams in the NFL go at it with two of the most intriguing second year QBs going at it. Will this be a classic? Let's see. Two great offenses and two very good defenses both fighting to hold onto their top playoff spots? I would have to guess this will turn out to be a classic and if you would have told me last year that a primetime game of Carson Wentz vs Jared Goff would be an anticipated game for me, I would have laughed in your face. However, here we are and I'm excited for the game. It should be great. I pick the Eagles to barely pull out a close game that goes down to the wire.

*Baltimore Ravens vs Pittsburgh Steelers 

-A really important game, this could decide the AFC North division. Will the Ravens win out the rest of the season? If they pull off this victory, it's very possible. The Steelers have this physical game to look forward to, after their rough battle with the Bengals, and they have another battle with the Patriots following it. This is a game for the Ravens to steal and I think they will. Their offense is getting better and with the Steelers banged up, they might be able to pull this one off.

There are more games to look out for like the Seahawks vs the Jaguars, and of course, we might want to see how Josh Gordon does in his second game back, but these five games are the ones to look out for. This could be the best week of the season so far.



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