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Sunday, December 10, 2017

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Eyes On Smackdown Live: The Worst Of 2017

By @TrueGodImmortal

Smackdown in 2016 was the best thing in the WWE and as 2017 came along, it was still king in the company. With Daniel Bryan as the General Manager and Shane McMahon as the Commissioner, Smackdown has had a number of ups and downs over the year and today, we will take a look at the worst of the show this year. The truth of the matter is, there were a few things that really took the life out of Smackdown during the Wrestlemania season and beyond. Which of those decisions took the momentum from the Blue Brand? Let's take a look at those decisions. 

*John Cena Wins WWE Title From AJ Styles 

-For a Cena fan, I'm sure this was a good decision. However, what was advanced by just giving Cena his 16th title reign and cutting AJ's reign short? Nothing. The truth of the matter is, Smackdown had a great champion in AJ and the fact that he held so many wins over Cena was great. This did nothing to change the title picture, especially considering the fact that Cena would go on to lose the belt at the very next PPV. This was just an unnecessary title change just to give Cena another notch under his belt.

*Too Much Shane McMahon 

-I don't mind Shane as a performer but I'll be the first to admit, I have no desire to see him wrestling anymore. Shane is older, isn't that gifted in the ring, and his feuds don't carry that much for me as a viewer. He will go above and beyond to make his matches fun, but the one dreaded thing about WWE is the overused McMahon play they haven't seen as an issue. For one, despite AJ Styles vs Shane being a solid match at Mania, one would only wish for a different match for AJ because it really didn't seem like a win for Styles honestly. Shane would end up wrestling once more in a singles match, fighting Kevin Owens in a solid Hell In A Cell match that only happened to showcase Shane falling off the side of the cell. Then, as if that wasn't enough, Shane would make himself the team captain at Survivor Series for Smackdown and would end up as the last remaining member of the team instead of Cena, Orton, Nakamura, and Roode, which was a horrible decision. Smackdown is doing well now, but truth be told, we could use less Shane this year and beyond. 

*Randy Orton Winning The WWE Title 

-I assumed when Orton feuded with Bray Wyatt that we would get a great feud for the WWE Title and that Bray would get a few wins over him to retain his title and get momentum. I was wrong. Orton would end up defeating Bray at Wrestlemania for the title just a month and some change after Bray had won it. It was hot potato with the title in the early part of the year and with all of the talent on the roster, the fact that they gave the belt to both Cena and Orton in the same year at this point is honestly hilarious yet also ridiculous. I thought that when WWE gave the belt to Orton that it couldn't possibly get worse this year. I was VERY VERY WRONG.

*The Jinder Mahal Experiment 

-The worst part of Smackdown this year and it isn't even close. Who the fuck came up with this idea? Really? I mean REALLY. Honestly. Like.... what the hell. Trust me, I'm all for newer stars getting shots, but usually when you do that, you pick guys who are overlooked, guys who are popular, guys who the fans have been asking to see in more matches. That was NOT the case with Jinder. No one, and I mean, no one was asking for this shit. At all. Sure, there are idiots who call themselves fans who jumped on the bandwagon, but those are sheep who take whatever they get and like it. The fact remains, Jinder ruined the entire flow of the show and his reign was a bunch of shit that went on far too long. Sure, a month or two reign would be okay during the early Summer, but there was no way you could actually let him hold the belt for the better part of the year.... right? Well, apparently, the WWE was hellbent on trying to force this narrative that Jinder could bring in the Indian audience. It failed. Miserably. Ratings dropped. Revenue dropped. Interest dropped. The naive fans would say Jinder is great, but don't be stupid. He's been one of the worst elements of the entire program and he can't cut a good promo or wrestle good matches regularly to save his life. This was the worst of Smackdown this year.

*The Mishandling Of Shinsuke Nakamura

-Nakamura is a star. He's the man. He's popular. He's the top wrestler IMO besides AJ Styles on the roster and somehow, the WWE doesn't know how to book him. After a few noteworthy wins over John Cena and Randy Orton, they would have him lose to Jinder Mahal twice, for no reason, then they would make him the first wrestler eliminated at Survivor Series. It's simple. Book him strong. Make him win matches. Give him a true title shot and a title reign. One can only hope the WWE actually gives him the Royal Rumble win and the Wrestlemania main event against AJ Styles for the WWE Title, which would be the biggest match possible on Smackdown.



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