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Sunday, December 3, 2017

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Eyes On WWE: The 5 Best Wrestlers On 205 Live

By @TrueGodImmortal

In the WWE, there is a ton of great talent, some of which can sometimes go to waste. One instance where that talent can go to waste is in the Cruiserweight division. With the company not knowing how to book the division, there's been issues throughout the entire run. Today, we wanted to go a different route, and rank the tpp 5 wrestlers on the Cruiserweight division show 205 Live. Who makes the list? Let's take a list.

5. Mustafa Ali 

-Many of these wrestlers in the division are slept on indie veterans who got a shot that they deserved by WWE. For me, watching the division, I seen Mustafa Ali as one of the better competitors due to his athleticism and his ability to put on a great match. While I find his social media adventures and posts to be a bit annoying, that has no effect on his great work in the ring. I think he's overdue for a title shot and feud and I can only hope he actually gets one before the summer of 2018.

4. Jack Gallagher 

-I'll admit, I was sold on Gallagher when he first debuted, and he would be top 2 to me if he hadn't turned heel to team with Brian Kendrick. He's charismatic, can actually cut a good promo, engages with the crowd, and his gimmick wasn't bad at all. The umbrella gimmick was actually pretty fun to watch, but now, he is struggling a bit as a heel. Still, as we have seen in his mini feuds with Neville and now Cedric Alexander, Gallagher is capable of having good matches and solid rivalries.

3. Drew Gulak

-I find Gulak more entertaining in the WWE than I did on the indies. His anti persona in the division sticks out in a good way and he's been one of the more entertaining components of the division alongside Enzo. What makes him such a joy to watch is the fact that he really seems to buy into his character and executes it flawlessly in promos. His ring work is solid, and he does manage to exhibit a bit of charisma in a slightly deadpan way, which works perfectly for the gimmick he currently has. Gulak is definitely going to become a contender for the Cruiserweight Title when Enzo moves away from the belt. At least I hope.

2. Akira Towaza

-Towaza has a catchy chant that people seem to enjoy, but what really sticks out about him to me is his in ring work. As a part of the Titus Brand, he upset Neville for the title in a great match before losing it back a few days later. Since then, he hasn't really been involved in the title picture, but despite his lack of amazing promo skills due to the language barrier (he can talk, but it's not as clear of course), he exhibits charisma and a bit of poise in his style and if he was put in a more high profile role in 205 Live, I think he would shine even more.

1. Cedric Alexander

-Of course. The only choice. Am I biased? Maybe. But it should be obvious who the best wrestler on the show is. Period. Cedric is one of the most popular wrestlers in the division and he always manages to show the crowd what he has to offer, dazzling the audience with his athleticism and his crisp moveset. Cedric is overdue for a title shot, feud, and a title reign. The fact that the WWE doesn't seem to recognize what a talent he is just shows everything we've said about the company for the last decade. Cedric might not be the true saving grace for the division, but allowing him the title run and more time in his matches is sure to turn the entire division upside down for the better. Give Cedric the belt and let him defend it weekly against the wrestlers on this list and others, and I guarantee you that he will show why he's the no. 1 choice on this list by far. Period.



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