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Monday, January 1, 2018

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EOTR Match Of The Week: Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker

By @Phranchize19

We continue our theme for the month on Ruthless Aggression PPV main events. We have a forgotten yet good one for you this week as we look back at Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker in a Biker Chain Match WWE Championship from No Mercy 2003.

Brock Lesnar turned heel and won the WWE Title from Kurt Angle. Undertaker, who had recently feuded with John Cena, was named number 1 contender at No Mercy by Stephanie McMahon. Lesnar would defend the title in a separate match but Taker would interfere in that match and let it be known that their title match was a Biker Chain Match in which a Biker Chain would be suspended above the ring and whoever grabbed it would be able to use it.

The Match
We start with the Deadman attempting to corner Lesnar, who is playing keep away. Lesnar would get his famous shoulder thrusts in but Taker would then take control. Lesnar would block an Old School attempt by Taker. Lesnar would then make a mistake and Taker would take control but then Lesnar would take over for a while until the Undertaker's big boot would regain control of the match. Taker would finally get Old School on Lesnar and attempt a pin fall. The action would spill outside and Lesnar would remain in control out there. Lesnar would get Taker back in the ring and continue the assault. Taker would try to gain control but a missed corner boot got Lesnar back in the driver's seat. The match would again spill outside and Lesnar would keep control of the match. After the action comes back to the ring, Taker would punch his way back into this match as Lesnar and Taker would trade control until Taker would attempt to go for the chain but the lights would go out. Taker would climb down but Lesnar would be up and he would gain control again. The steps would then get involved in the match as Lesnar would drop toe hold Undertaker into the steps. Taker would block more attempts of his head being smashed in the steps. Taker would regain control and attempt to get the chain again only for Lesnar to stop him but Taker reverses his attempt into a submission. Lesnar would low blow Taker and hit Taker with the steel steps.
Taker would kick out of multiple pinfalls. Taker would thwart Lesnar's attempts at hitting him with the steel steps and then Taker would attempt to take Lesnar’s head off with the steps now. Lesnar would counter and maintain control. Lesnar tried to get the chain for the first time and Taker would almost hit a last ride but Lesnar counters. Taker would try a choke slam which Lesnar countered and after an attempted pin, Taker would lock in another submission on Lesnar. who would counter with brute strength. Taker would get a sleeper on until Lesnar countered it into an F5 but Taker would get a foot on the ropes before the three count. Lesnar would attempt to get the chain again but Taker would hit a top rope chokeslam. Taker would attempt to get the chain now, but the FBI would interfere and jump on Taker and while he got rid of them, Lesnar would recover and attempt a F5, but he would get countered and suffer a Last Ride. Taker would take out the FBI once and for all next. Nunzio would try to get the chain only to be knocked off by Taker. Taker would climb up and get the chain but Vince McMahon would push Taker off the top rope. Lesnar would get the chain and hit Taker with it and get the pinfall to retain.

-Taker piledrives Lesnar into the steel steps
-Taker hits the Suicide dive on two of the FBI members

Grade and Analysis
This match wasn’t all that. It’s a solid contest no doubt but I felt like the energy and intensity lacked from both men. I felt both men knew this was a holdover feud for something new and it showed. The crowd seemed tired by the time this match came on. There wasn’t a whole lot in the way of storytelling but still a solid contest nonetheless.
Rating: 6/10



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