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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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Eyes On WWE: Ranking The Last 5 Wrestlemania Main Events

By @TrueGodImmortal

At one point, Wrestlemania used to be the biggest event of the year for the main event. Now, Mania is just a spectacle with a decent card and one big match or maybe two solid contests that the world wants to see. Admittedly, the last 4 out of 5 main events have been disappointing, and that's the fun of this next article. Where do they rank? All 5 of the last main events of Mania. Does Reigns vs Brock take the cake? Is Reigns vs Triple H the worst? Well, let's take a look.

5. Wrestlemania 33
Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker 

-The worst main event I've seen in Mania history... at least in the 2000s. I don't understand it really. When I saw this match announced, I knew it would be horrible. I knew what to expect and yet, somehow I was still surprised at how bad the match was. Taker didn't have anything left in the tank. Reigns couldn't carry the match. No one wanted to see Reigns retire Taker. Yet, here we are. Reigns wins a horrible match that really killed a crowd that wanted something to cheer for. The WWE doesn't learn from their mistakes and simply put, Reigns retiring Taker was a mistake. Along with putting this match on last. That was a horrible idea.

4. Wrestlemania 32
Roman Reigns vs Triple H 

-This was another forced attempt at making Roman Reigns the man in the business and it just didn't work. This was a match that was 5 minutes too long and felt boring. They had no chemistry in the ring and I can't remember anything memorable about the match besides the Stephanie spot. That honestly didn't make anything better, and while I know that Reigns had to get another win, at some point, you would think that WWE would get the picture. Sure, Reigns is improved as a performer, but the last few years at Mania show that he can't get it done on the biggest stage. Perhaps that'll change this year when he has an unnecessary rematch against Brock, but at what cost? He has headlined Mania three times in a row and all three matches were underwhelming IMO, and this one was really just a long drawn out battle that ended the night with a hilarious chorus of boos.

3. Wrestlemania 29
John Cena vs The Rock 

-I don't know why we had this match occur. I don't get it. The first one was fine. The first match was pretty good. This was overkill. This had more finishers than necessary, and was essentially a match full of filler until the obvious finish. The action would pick up a little bit near the end, but Cena and Rock 2 didn't have the story that the first one had. There was no story minus some weak form of redemption for Cena, but he was the focal point of the company for the entire year over CM Punk (who was more popular with fans at the time), so his redemption was forced (see a pattern with the main event?) and contrived. Cena wins the match, but no one was really excited and happy, marking yet another year where the fans didn't go home happy. Perhaps CM Punk vs The Undertaker should have main evented, as it was the hottest match of the night and a classic in its own right.

2. Wrestlemania 31
Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns (vs Seth Rollins)

-I actually don't like this match. At all. I find it to be a bunch of finishers and just an ass kicking by Brock. Sure, there was an attempt at storytelling to force the narrative of Reigns as the next superman, but it felt so forced (the pattern) that I couldn't get into it. Still, I did like how the ending went down, as they attempted to sell it as these two competitors giving all they had and they still couldn't put each other away. Then, Seth Rollins happened. Seth is the reason why this match is no. 2 on the list because his cash in saved in the night from a horrible ending. Seth cashing in is a top 10 Mania moment and the pop he got when he won is a top Mania pop. Brock vs Reigns was nothing special, but the Rollins cash in is historic.

1. Wrestlemania 30
Daniel Bryan vs Batista vs Randy Orton 

-Of course. This is the easiest one. This is the clearest choice. This was easy. Daniel Bryan being crowned after the crazy path he took to get there is what saved Mania. The fans have attempted to save Mania every year, and for some reason, Vince finally gave in. He is stubborn enough to not give in other times, but in this case, he didn't give in. That's noble of Vince.... right? No. It should have been Bryan from the start. He should have won the Rumble. He should have had to fight for his shot either way despite that. The story could go the same way without Batista winning the Rumble. Still, this match is great with a lot of solid action and Batista tapping out to Bryan to close the match was a great end. Bryan winning is the best Mania moment of the last 5 years so it was obvious this would be the top pick on the list.



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