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Monday, March 26, 2018

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Eyes On WCW: The 5 Greatest WCW Runs

By @TrueGodImmortal

WCW was a pretty popular company in its heyday and it provided the world with a lot of great moments and wrestlers. One thing about WCW is that it benefited from successful runs by some of their top stars, some more than others. Today, we look back at WCW and some of their greatest runs. These are all up for debate of course, but let's take a look.

5. Vader

-Make no mistake about it, Vader in WCW was the pinnacle of his career. He was on top of his game, showcasing skill above and beyond as a monster heel against the likes of Cactus Jack, Sting, Ric Flair, and Hulk Hogan before eventually falling off and going to WWF. Vader had some great moments and was a decent draw for WCW during one of the darker eras business wise honestly. Vader would be booked horribly in 1995 against Hogan making him look more like a joke than a monster, but for two years before that feud, he was the best heel in the company.

4. Ric Flair

-After Flair returned from WWF, he would become the biggest draw that the company had. WCW depended on Flair until Hogan showed up, but Flair was very important during this period of time and then some. Flair was never really the flashy star that Sting or Hogan was, but when WCW needed ratings and money, they went back to Flair. Flair was a multiple time WCW Champion, he would bring back the Four Horsemen, and his feuds with Sting, Hogan, Randy Savage, and more makes his run that much better.

3. Goldberg

-I hated Goldberg in a way. He was never that great to me and his run didn't change that IMO, but guess what? Goldberg was still one of the most popular wrestlers ever and unstoppable forces that WCW had ever seen. With a huge streak of being undefeated over the late 1997-1998 period, Goldberg would dominate his competition and win the United States Title as well as WCW Title after huge wins over Hulk Hogan and Raven. He also had big wins over Sting, Mr. Perfect, The Giant, and so many more. Goldberg was the man in WCW and it is the reason why he is now about to become a Hall of Famer. His popularity in his prime was unmatched in WCW for sure.

2. Hulk Hogan

-I have never liked Hogan. Ever. However, this two year run is the best run of any WCW heel to be honest. Hogan and the NWO ran all over WCW and all their wrestlers and this was the apex of Hogan in WCW. Hogan had struggled in 1994 and 1995 before joining with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall for the NWO, and the birth of Hollywood Hogan made him instantly more hated and more popular at the same exact time. It also made WCW the most popular company at the time and the NWO was to blame for that with Hogan at the helm. I love the whole Hollywood Hogan run and it is a once in a lifetime run for any heel in the wrestling business. Love him or hate him, Hogan was definitely the man in WCW and more of a vicious heel than expected.

1. Sting  

-This is the greatest run ever in WCW history and it features the greatest character change for the company. Sting was on the top of his game with the blonde fade surfer look, and he would feud with a number of wrestlers during the 1993-1994 run solidifying his status as one of the best wrestlers in the game at the time. I remember the world wanting dream matches like Sting vs Hulk Hogan, Sting vs Bret Hart, Sting vs Shawn Michaels, and more during that period, then Sting went through small changes in 1995 and early 1996, before developing into the most popular WCW run ever with his Crow like anti NWO run. That 1996 to 1998 run against the NWO is the biggest and baddest babyface run for anyone in WCW period. Sting owns that no. 1 spot without question.



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