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Sunday, March 4, 2018

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Eyes On WWE: Best Opening Matches At Wrestlemania

By @Phranchize19

Every year I usually get hype for Mania (mainly because I’m going), so I drop extensive knowledge on Mania and this year is no exception. Today, I’m gonna drop a list of the best opening matches in Wrestlemania history. Which matches make the list? Let's take a look.

*Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Wrestlemania 21

-The first time tag team champions fight each other at Wrestlemania and it did not disappoint. We all know Rey and Eddie have uncanny chemistry together (we already covered their feud) and they got to show what they could do on the biggest stage of their careers. Mysterio would get the win starting a slow burning heel turn for Guerrero in an excellent match.

*Chris Jericho vs William Regal Intercontinental Championship Wrestlemania 17

-Widely considered the greatest card WWE has ever crafted, this starts off with a bang. Jericho was probably the most over guy in the company not named Austin or Rock at the time ans he was going against one of the most underrated wrestlers of all time in Regal. Despite a clash of styles, this match was far better than expected and led the charge for one of the greatest wrestling events in the history of the sport.

*Money In the Bank
Wrestlemania 23

-Before it became its own PPV, the Money In The Bank match was a staple at Wrestlemania during its infancy. This particular match may have been the best one in the history of Wrestlemania as we saw up and comers like CM Punk and Mr Kennedy get in the ring with main event talent like Booker T, Edge, The Hardys, and Randy Orton. In the end, Mr. Kennedy would win the match in a spectacular match that saw many great spots and insane maneuvers.

*AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon Wrestlemania 33

-It’s very rare that the first match on Wrestlemania (or any card for that matter) is the best match on the card but this is AJ Styles we are talking about. AJ Styles is the best wrestler walking this planet and he could have a 5 star match with a broomstick. In fairness though, I think Shane McMahon deserves plenty of credit for his performance in this match. Going in, this match was considered a let down due to how over and how great a year it was for AJ Styles. Styles was determined not to let where he was positioned on the card be a deterrent and he went out and stole the show with a very game Shane McMahon. AJ gets the win here.

*Daniel Bryan vs Triple H 
Wrestlemania 30

-I may be a tad bit biased (seeing as this was the first Mania I ever went to), but this match was a CLASSIC. Even though Triple H is not in his prime, he went out there and worked a classic match with a man smaller in stature and a style so diverse. Not since Chris Benoit had Triple H stepped in the ring with such a smaller technician and he adapted well. Daniel Bryan gets the win here.

*Bret Hart vs Owen Hart 
Wrestlemania 10

-Hands down, the greatest opening match in the history of this event. The story told itself. Brother vs brother and with two all time great mat technicians going at it, we were assured a great match. Considering that Bret was slated to compete twice, I had the feeling he might’ve held back but he didn’t and we got one of the best matches I’ve ever seen.



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